Saturday, March 03, 2007

More Gardening Stuff!!

Well the Lime Marmalade was a huge hit, very, very scrummy! Hubby has told me to stop making stuff as the cupboard is far to full!!!!!!!

So what have I been up to today?? Well the sun is shining, hubby is coming out to play so what mischief can we get up to??

Remember this...

well after some digging and chopping etc etc it now looks like this

so the chickens have been moved and they seem very happy about it too

I can't remember if I have told you we live in a group of 4 cottages and I am the one with the smallest garden yet my 2 immediate neighbours both work full time and very rarely use the very large part of their gardens! Coo! what I could do with that bit if it was mine!!!

Anyway we have used the chicken netting, which is enormous, to fence them in and compared to what it looked like with the permenant wooden posts further down the garden

I think it disappears a bit now, what do you think?

We are going to give it the week to see if we think it will work before I dismantle the old run.
Lottie used to take her big chickens up to her allotment during the summer months, there is a large field at the back of the cottages that is rented out for grazing for horses, I wonder how much the farmer would charge me for grazing chickens there??? Think I may have problems with foxes though!

I have sent an e-mail to the lady who contacted me from BBC Wiltshire Sound (radio), but I think they probably needed to hear from me yesterday! I will keep you posted!!


smilnsigh said...

You were contacted by the BBC! Wow!!!!!! Very, very wow, my Dear! Do keep us posted.

I'm way across the Pond so I won't be able to listen to it. But betcha' they can provide you with a transcript of it. And you could leave us a link to that. Maybe... :-)

{from across the Pond}

Allotment Lady said...

Hi Libby

YOu sound so much brighter today - it is getting out in the open air that does it - well it does it for me.

You garden is looking great and the chicken run has 'disappeared' altogether and that is at this time of the year. Imagine how it will look when your plants are up and growing!

What a difference a few hours make.

Ex-Shammickite said...

The garden's looking good.... and you're sounding happier... I think it's the medicinal properties of Lemon Lime Marmalade that made the difference. ;-)

RUTH said...

So glad you were able to get out into the sun....and how hard you've worked!!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend
(p.s. in case the radio makes you rich & famous....can I have your autograph?)

Libbys Blog said...

Sunshine and being in the garden always helps, plus having a good breakfast with Lemon & Lime Marmalade!!LOL!!! Your all welcome to a couple of autographs, then you can sell some and make some money! ROFL!!!!!!!