Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Before Christmas!

The first donkey!

Although the weather was bitter yesterday, with both fires lit it felt toasty warm, in fact I think Tango found it a bit warm

We all went to collect T from her last day at college of 2007. Did alot of daft singing and as we got home this is the view we had

We are definately feeling a bit more Christmassey today, I think this helps...

As I watch the news this morning I see that the AA (Automobile Association) predicts that today the great get away for Christmas in the UK is expected to occur and they think about 18,000,000 will hit the roads at about 3pm today.... Good Luck!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I expect you are all charging round getting yourself organised, whilst I am sat back relaxing and to be honest a little bit bored!!! This serves me right for being prepared since November, anyway here is an update of my advent calendar

Getting a bit crowded now! But K tells me it is far better seeing it in real life than on my blog!

I received a parcel in the post from my blog friend Vallen, before I left to go up to mums and it contained a CD filled with lovely Christmas tunes, so I wore it out on the drive, just to get me in the spirit!! Thank you so much Vallen a lovely way to share Christmas with one another!

T has her last day of the term today! We plan to put up our decorations either tonight or tomorrow. How restrained have I been, my indoor ones are usually up on the 1st December, but it didn't seem the same without the girls!

It is really cold today, as I type at 11.28 it is still -3C and bitterly cold. The Rayburn is blazing and I am cooking a sweetcorn chowder soup for lunch, the front stove is lit too.
I popped down to the greenhouse and the small ones heater is misbehaving somewhat, so I have moved the important plants across to the big one as that is quite toasty! well, compared with outside it is! I shall dig out the receipt as I think I shall have to return it!

Right off to find something to knit>

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Return Home!

I have returned from my very successful trip. Mum was naughty and opened her Christmas presents early and was thrilled with all her knitted items.

Madison is now one and is hilarious, what a character

Kathryn is back home for 7 weeks although she does have an exam to go in for, so the car was rather full on the return journey with dirty washing, computers, tv's etc.I am totally bushed but there are enough hands around to help out!

Hubby has finished work until 15th Jan. Tori breaks up on Thursday. So we are all set! All Christams Cards posted, all presents wrapped. Just a little bit of food shopping to do and thats it, all done. I can't recommend highly enough being ready early, I will definately try and be this organised again next year.