Saturday, September 27, 2008


Tango has been going AWOL since jakes arrival. We noticed how thin he had become and because he hadn't been around much the dominant smell in the house has been Jake so recently each evening about 1800hrs I lock the cat flap so you can only come in. Basically forcing the issue of a meet. We need someone to be dominent, until they are I can't leave them alone

so yesterday they passed one another. Today Tango passed Jake a number of times

he insists on being fussed and has even rolled over and laid on his back, which I haven't managed to capture on camera as its difficult taking pics one handed!

this evening Jake has been wandering round the house somewhere and Tango has been in and used his litter tray even though he has one of his own downstairs. I think the dominance is coming through without any fights!

We are still concerned with Tangos skinnyness, he has never been this thin so I think next week I will get him to the vets for a FIV Feline Aids test, as he seems to have a piercing of his ear and has obviously been in more fights. I spotted the feral cat down the road by the equestrian centre with a mouth full of rat. I wonder if Tango does come back positive whether the RSPCA and cats rescue will be more helpful in trapping him. I bet they will, whilst I may lose a much treasured pet becuase of there lack of help! Lets hope it doesn't come to that!

Friday, September 26, 2008


The other day after hanging the washing out I decided to take a few pics. The rain has certainly helped my garden this year and had we had a bit more sunshine I think I may have needed a machete to get through the jungle plot!

The Red Tiger, banana at the back has grwn immensly, so much so I think I may have to move it as I think its a bit close to the fence!

Can you see why I love the Maurelli so much, isn't this leaf lovely!

The sedums are all a beautiful colour at the moment.

My Queen Elizabeth rose still flowering madly.

Further down the garden I have a few bananas still in

the problem being is I can't find the labels so don't know which is what?? Do you lose labels, I seem to be brilliant at it and that is not good!

In the greenhouse is one of my Alocasia's

I have always loved this one because of the markings and the shiny leaves. I moved it in as we have had quite a few cool nights!

In my other greenhouse is my very special Manihot Grahamii

I will over winter this in the greenhouse as it is so small but I need it to lose its leaves so it will have to be placed in a cooler part of the heated greenhouse!

Behind my small greenhouse my neighbour grows this

it is now invading behind the small greenhouse but my side of the fence

and I expect it to arrive in the greenhouse next year, as you can see I have quite a problem as the space is not big enough to fit a spade down let alone my bum!!!!!!

Do you remember the size of my Tetrapanax Rex when I planted it, no? Well look here to remind yourself! Now look at it.

Imagine how big it will get next year!

This corner will need sorting as yet again I have to much in a small space...

I'm glad I potted the bamboos into these pots they have really taken off

and I couldn't really complain to my neighbour about her invading grass if I had let the bamboo run free!!!

My cup and sauce plant (Cobaea Scandens) I have never grown it before and I highly recommend it if you have something that needs to be covered, fast! It is an annual, so if you don't like it you just dig it up at the end of the season. I like it

the flowers first bloom and they are a pale colour getting

darker as they age.

and the bees love the pollen

and finally the second meeting has occured, Jake has spent a fair bit of time in the cage whilst Tango & Sassy where around. Having had a very busy week trolling back and forth between home the college and the hospital. When Hubby came back from hospital yesterday he said how skinny Tango has got, and he's right, I hadn't noticed how much weight he has lost. So we decided that currently the biggest scent in the house was Jakes, as basically Tango only comes in to sleep then goes out in the morning till the following day. So we decided to push things along and T very kindly came in at about 5pm yesterday, so I locked the cat flap, Jake was in the cage and we shut the kitchen door. So Tango had to deal with it. Everything went so well we opened the cage and.................

nothing happened??? You can see Tango in the distance by the cat flap. They walked around, skirting one another, I expected Tango to take at least one swipe at Jake and nothing happened, no growling, spitting or swiping??? So we opened the kitchen door and they both wandered around, very wary of one another but it was so fine we left them to it, but kept our ears peeled. Jake stalked Tango where ever he was about 10 inches behind was Jake! He is so desperate to have a mate to play with and my two don't want to play at all! Maybe I will have to get a kitten lol! Shhhh don't tell hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More to follow...............

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Meeting

Well the first and second meetings have occured, it wasn't planned it just sort of happened. I was upstairs in my room I hadn't realised Sassy was in and then Jake arrived. Rather than worry I carried on nattering away to them both and basically ingnored them carried on doing what I was doing.
Sassy was curled up in the middle of a pile of bags on the floor. Jake came up cautiously at first and then saw Sassy and you could see 'stupid' written across his head as he trotted over to introduce himself. Sassy gave a typical female cat yeowl in the depth of her throat, stayed where she was, but let him know whose in charge.
Jake trotted off.
2 Hours later this occured in the kitchen

as she walked past she did another yeowl and trotted on her way!! Jake has decided eating in the kitchen is far better!!

I'm not so sure the going will be as smooth with Tango, but I remain positive!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

In, Out, In, Out!!

Spent the day yesterday driving round the country! We left at 0700 to travel too Warwick Uni to take T on an open day! Which was very good, its currently her favourite. We then went over to Worcester Uni to visit K as she had left a few things behind, which she needed. We then came back home quite tired out after 2000!

Anyway today was a lovely day, hubby said he would help me sort out the greenhouse as I wanted to relay the slabs again, giving me a bit more space, (hopefully)

We have made a path around the central area to allow me to bring in some bigger plants!

I have had to dig up and pot some of my more tender bananas

The only worrying thing is, I'm not sure I have enough room????? I still have 3 large Ensetes, plus another 3 smaller ones plus my brugmansias??? Mmmmmmmmm!

Just look at that face. They love being out in the garden with us!

Meanwhile Jake has found K's 'moon chair' in her bedroom. We have a cage now, a big one, the plan is to introduce the cats to one another whilst keeping Jake safe in the cage! The only problem is, my two are never in at a set time and I can't keep Jake in a cage all day! This is turning out to be more difficult than I expected. I have even shut him in K's room and left the room he sleeps in open, in the hope that mine will come in sometime and have a sniff around, mine have yet to come in whilst he's not in the room!!!

We measured K's sunflower its 10ft 11/2inches

Love the colour of this one!

Right off to pop Jake back into his room!!!