Friday, September 28, 2007

Stage 1

From lumpy dumpy

getting level

the sleeper along the fence and the one closest to the camera are now level

the one closest to the other green house still has to be levelled. So end of day one, and we are pleased. Off out to Worcester tomorrow to see K, looking forward to that. Then back in the garden on Sunday for stage 2!!

Greenhouse Erection Weekend with problems!!!

Hubby has taken Friday and Monday off, to enable us to get the greenhouse up!! We have the sleepers which will act as the base, the land is roughly cleared. We just have to level and erect!!!!!

The problem *

* is he's not in a good mood because he bent my car yesterday! I say my car but infact it might be mine on the registration document and insurance but its his as he always drives it!

* we have to go to Worcester on Saturday

* I have a specialist appointment on Monday plus the electrician is coming to price up for fitting electrics into the new greenhouse!!!!

As its currently raining I have left him to have a lie in, and taken a pic of the car so I can post it for all the world to see lol!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think its that bad actually, no other car involved, just an altercation with a lamp post in the works car park. He is very angry with himself, but hey! its just a car!!!

I will try and keep you updated with the 'erection' process. Bye for now!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Out in the Garden!

The washing was out early, even though it was cold it was lovely and sunny.

I planted some of the tulip bulbs and got some pansies and violas to pop in the top

Now dotted around the garden.

I did the front window box as well

Underneath those plants are 100 bulbs, all planted at different depths, I hope it will look good in the spring.
Then I did as Monty told us on Gardeners World last Friday, I sowed some greenmanure

the packet said sow now wait 40 days, then dig in!!!! I wonder if it will grow in 40 days? Whilst I was clambering around I found a baby butternut squash, my one and only
this year, well it has 2 chances.................

Then the postman came with this

I swopped some Brugmansia's for it

so is potted up and in the greenhouse for the moment, but won't be there for long

would you like to know what it is? A Tetrapanax Papyrifer Rex. I have coveted one for ages. So thank you very much S.

Anyway this is what it will look like eventually, I got these pics here this guy is a member of the UK Oasis forum



Hope my gardens big enough!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cheery Pics

Such wonderful cheery flowers. I think they must be my most favourite, although it would be hard to have a particular favourite.

During my wander down the garden, look who is ambling up the garden.

Now I wonder where the ginger chap is?

I might have guessed.

Look at the lovely colour of the canna against the Red Leaved Caster Oil Plant.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Should Have Done It Years Ago!

I'm really glad we fitted the water butt closest to the house at the weekend! This is the 8th one in the garden now! We bought a really big one this time, not your usual 210 litre type! The recovering Caster Oil Plant which was dug up to make way for the butt, will do a great job of hiding it

All this lot run into it, down the down pipe on the left which runs to a soak away.

If it was feasibly possible I would dig up the whole of my patio and sink a massive, massive tank underneath and then relay the patio again, I could then use the water for the loos or just lots of watering.

So how many of you Brits had the monsoon type weather for about 30 minutes this morning at about 6am? It woke me up! I checked the butt and by golly.........

full to the brim!!!!!! Excellent!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spring & Autumn Colour!

I've been out spending, tut! tut! But I think I got some good bargains look.......

a total of 160 bulbs for £16, a bargain I think,10p a bulb!!!! I am determined to have some colour, in the spring time. I plan to plant the tulips in pots and dot them around. The 100 flower bulbs (back left)I was wondering if I could fit them all in my window box in front of the house mmmmmmm might be a bit of a squeeze but would be lovely and cheerful in the spring. Now looking at the picture I'm sure I had picked up another pack of tulip bulbs, they where different types of 'white' so I would have had a few more with £1 off, I suspect hubby put them back with out me noticing, he does not like white!!!!! I of course love it!!!!

Lottie asked to see the chickens so I trotted down and of course first in front of the lens

Bunty! Then I got Big Bird and Babs, but Bree was having none of it, she is moulting at the moment so probably does not want her pic taken!!!!

I'm sure you all know by now that I grow Brugmansia's, Canna's and alot of tropical plants, wouldn't you expect them to flower during the heat of the summer? Not on your life look..........................

the brugs are going potty flowering left, right and centre at the moment!

I have taken lots of cuttings. I have moved all the ones about to flower up close to the house.

Why? So they will benifit from the warmth of the sun on the brick wall!

My red caster oil plant is flowering away quite happily, I wonder where the seeds will come from?