Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Out in the Garden!

The washing was out early, even though it was cold it was lovely and sunny.

I planted some of the tulip bulbs and got some pansies and violas to pop in the top

Now dotted around the garden.

I did the front window box as well

Underneath those plants are 100 bulbs, all planted at different depths, I hope it will look good in the spring.
Then I did as Monty told us on Gardeners World last Friday, I sowed some greenmanure

the packet said sow now wait 40 days, then dig in!!!! I wonder if it will grow in 40 days? Whilst I was clambering around I found a baby butternut squash, my one and only
this year, well it has 2 chances.................

Then the postman came with this

I swopped some Brugmansia's for it

so is potted up and in the greenhouse for the moment, but won't be there for long

would you like to know what it is? A Tetrapanax Papyrifer Rex. I have coveted one for ages. So thank you very much S.

Anyway this is what it will look like eventually, I got these pics here this guy is a member of the UK Oasis forum



Hope my gardens big enough!!


mrsnesbitt said...

What a fresh looking day you have has been raining here so didn't get my bulbs planted! Hopefully over the next few days I will!

Cold here mind you, Jon is lighting the Aga as we speak!


Barbara said...

You were very busy indeed and your pots seem ready for autumn (and Spring!). Your last picture shows a huge first sight I thought it is a gunnera, as I have seen in various gardens in Great Britain.
Greetings from Switzerland,

Allotment Lady said...

Wow what a day you have had - torrential rain here - and dentist!

Love all your plantings and oh that plant!

Vallen said...

Your knowledge of gardening never ceases to amaze me. Such a wonderland.

Ex-Shammickite said...

That Tetrapanax Papyrifer Rex that arrived in the mail.... will it be affected by frost or cold weasther? Will it be planted outside or in your greenhouse?
Does it have any flowers?

Joanna said...

Well done on planting tulips, mine have all been waiting to go in. I watched gardeners world with interest about the green manure, very interested to see if it grows in the forty days.

Felicia said...

Oh yes I can hardly wait to get some bulbs and pansies in the ground. Its coming up on my one year moratorium on gardening since I'll be in the new house for one year. Now I know just where I want things planted :)

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Good thinking on putting in the bulbs and then put pansies on top; now you'll enjoy those pots for at least 6 months. Not bad eh? ;-)

That Tetrapanax gets huge once it starts growing. What a giant!