Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm Home!

What was due to be a 5 day recovery has now turned into 2-3 weeks. I had my minor op on Friday 13th!!!! was discharged from hospital on the 14th. Then was rushed back in on the evening of Monday 16th due to a 'significant bleed'! No I had not been naughty and over doing it, basically it just happened and according to my consultant that night, the chance of this happening is 1 in 700 and I was it!!! So down to theatre to be sorted, again!!! I love the bit where it says 'significant' I would have said 'most of my blood' I was on the bed, head down, oxygen, fluids, blood pressure cuff ,with one consultant and four nurses by my bedside!!!!

Anyway discharged again on Thursday 20th, feeling pretty yuk!

Thursday 20th will remain with me for a number of reasons, I had a surprise visit from my Kathryn from 'Uni' she had arranged with her dad to pick her up from the station and I had no idea, its not often the family get one over on me! But what a stupendous surprise! She has been an absolute star, doing all the bits I would normally do!

If you remember we had Chimarni to the vets last week because he kept being sick all over the place. Mark decided to take him back in as he had stopped eating and had lost about 2k in weight! Fortunately they saw one of the senior partners, who said he could feel something and wanted him admitted for blood tests and X-Rays! We had to phone on Friday at 2.30pm. When we phoned he was on the operating table and they had found a 'mass' that was blocking the bowel and needed to remove it! Later phone calls tell us it has been sent off for tests, but they believe it to be a cancer growth! Which gives us a slight problem in that if they have not managed to remove it all, the wound in the bowel will not heal. We will know in 2- 5 days!!!! I phoned this morning and he had, had 'a comfortable night'

Now this is where I crack up, being a reasonably private person I wasn't going to tell anyone what my op was, but let me say it was something to do with the bowel and was only a minor op!!! I have been in sheer agony with major pain killers etc etc and when it comes to that most basic of needs, to go to the loo!!!! Its like passing 'shards of glass'! So how on earth can they help a cat when it comes to that!!!!!

Heres to a special friend who is really a 'dat' half dog, half cat. He adopted us and has been an exceptionally faithful friend. He sits on command, has defended his territory from all ferral cats for 14+ years, costing us a fortune in vets bills! Leaves his calling card, long white cat hair on all who visit. Sits patiently at the window waiting for your return. Get well soon old friend!! XXXXX

Monday, October 16, 2006

Had my Op!

I have had my 'minor' op. Everything went well. I shall be away for a little time, whilst I recover. The surgeon said if I worked I would be fit to go in today. He lied!