Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exotic or Cottage????

We, and I do me 'we' have been extremely busy in the garden the last few days. We being K and I. She doing most of the digging and lifting and me poking my nose in and getting into trouble! I consider myself very lucky to have a daughter who enjoys gardening as much as I do.
Here she is jetwashing the patio.............

The weather has been glorious and at times a little too hot

This is my weather station, great little gadget. and of course being a 'Brit' we have this thing about 'weather'!!!!
The sensor is on the painted strip to the left of the gate near the top of the wall and as you can see in shade! But I do think with the patio being south facing it will get some reflective heat from the slabs but it still creates a great talking point! Sad or what!!!!

This was my bargain buy from Lidl and cost me £9.99. Best £9.99 I've spent in a long time. I hope they get them back again as I want to get one for my mum!

Now look at this little chap

never seen anything like him before, so had to get my insect book out and if I am correct in my identification he is a Black & Red Froghopper, apparently seen in early summer clinging to lush grass (not so sure its lush) and low vegetation, especially in Southern England (thats here!)

Now for a troll round looking across the now jet washed patio,

all the bags at the end are for the tip, I've still to set up the compost bins since the re-arrangement at the bottom of the garden!

This rose and honeysuckle are in my neighbours garden, but as you can see overhang and their scent is magnificent. This is what I really miss, from an exotic garden, honeysuckle and roses, it makes me yearn for a good old cottage garden. Although theres alot of work in keeping a cottage garden up to scratch, theres not so much lugging around of plants as there is in an Exotic Garden.

K has been working down here for me, planting and digging out, and we have been repotting together, its quite a pleasant area to work until about 12 o'clock.

These are Silver Birch Trees and are supposed to have a 'light canopy', don't you believe it, when they are planted so close together it is very dense hence being able to work in a South facing garden till mid-day!

My first Brug flower,

some of the plants are looking ok but I still have them split up as a precaution.

Tomato plants, coming along

they seem alot happier in this greenhouse, I have noticed with it being bigger the temps are more constant and theres not so many extremes of hot and cold!

My Brug cuttings

really ready for Ebay, but I want to be sure there is no virus first!

Some flowers on the way back up the garden at 7am this morning.

when I see these I often wonder what made me like tropical? I love the flowers, the amazing natural colours, why would I swop these for tropicals?

Looking back across the patio!

Right off for brekkie now!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunny Sunday!

It got a bit warm here yesterday!

but as you can see from the weather station it says rain, didn't see one spot yesterday!!!!
Someone found somewhere shady to lie

Can you see who it is?

Sassy, under the treeferns.

A rather beautiful poppy!

I would just like to say if I get abit irratic with my posting, its because I am spending time with my daughter, who is home from Uni for the summer. I am fortunate to have a very special relationship with her and will sadly not have that many summers left to spend with her as she goes out to the big rat race.So I am grabbing every opportunity with both hands :o)
She also loves gardening so is helping me alot!