Friday, May 11, 2007

Mumble, mumble, mumble!

Not in the best of moods today!!! My weight is creeping up again from the weekend away, I have also been having serious problems beacuse my diet altered so much over the weekend! Its actually got me quite down, does it mean if I go away I am going to have to take all the things I need to eat with me???? Everytime??? It makes me feel old!!!!! I'm not for goodness sake! I'm only 21!!!!!!!!!
I'm looking for a kitten as well and what I would like I can't afford!!! I know I could have any type of kitten around but I'm sorry folks once you've had a burmese you can't really have anything else. I mean who else knocks on the front window to come in the front door, then comes for a cuddle and a chat before he snuggles up next to the woodburner in the front room

This is Sassy, now shes more your in door girl but does like to assist you when your on the computer

Well I'm not sure you could call this assisting!! Tori gets really annoyed because when Sassy is with her she likes to type by walking up and down the keyboard!!!! She is also very bossy and if at 10pm hubby and I haven't gone to bed she comes to the bottom of the stairs and shouts at us!!

So I thought to myself get out girl, go and do some hard work in the garden, get those endorphenes (sp) powering round your body. So I went out and decided to clean out the chickens, its a quagmire again!!! Couple of days of rain and thats it!! A sea of mud! So I am going to have to come up with something to solve this!!

I decided to do some more digging at the bottom!!! Big mistake, just how depressing can things get..... because I have totally re dug the beds at the bottom, the bindweed has gone 'ape' its everywhere covering everything, just after a couple of days of rain. What is the point of planting new plants that will be smothered by the strangling bindweed in a couple of weeks! If I leave it the roots will get entwined into the new plants roots and it will multiply beyond belief!! So why I ask does no one else around us suffer with it?? I never see bind weed in either of the gardens to my left and right!!!!!

I know the answer is


Thursday, May 10, 2007

I don't know whats got into the animals in my life at the moment, they seem to want to help me in the garden! Today I was ably assisted by Tango, well assisted is probably not quite the right word.....

This is tango's passionate face. he goes all sort of pointed round the mouth and nose and has half closed eyes, when he's like this he wants to climb up all over you, curl round your shoulders and snuggle into your neck and demand lots and lots of attention! Which when your trying to pot up in the greenhouse can be difficult..
Having walked all over my tomatoes and been firmly told off he tries a new tack

'I'm so adorable, how can you resist me'

I'm still ignoring him so he now pretends to be good, but you can see he is very close to the edge of the potting bench, clawing away, just incase I pass him and touch him!

Now he's a little bit annoyed so is sat with his bottom towards me, but look at his face, its all still pointed, if I give one teeny weeny little inch he will be wrapped around me before you can say 'Summer'!!!!!!

Anyway enough of Tango what has been going on around here.....look


My Alocasia in the greenhouse is unfurling its first big leaf, the burgundy stem one which is on the patio has also produced a leaf

near the bottom of the stem. My poor banana

is looking very wind battered! But I was good and did some more digging in the jungle area

and got very wet!!!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This is Later!!

I left home at about 08.10 this morning to take Tori to school! I got back in about 16.30! phew! what a day! But the good news is.............. its Raining!!!!!!! my water butts are filling up nicely. The slugs and snails are coming out of the cracks and crevices and munching away, and the weeds are growing!! I wonder if we are going to have a May like last year??? Cold, wet and windy!!!!

Right so what has Big Bird been up to....... well she decided to help in the re-designing of the garden and thought the mulch looked better on the path than on the strawberry patch

Having had a good look round and thankfully not eaten the strawberry plants she has dug me 2 nice holes

which I presume means she thinks I need to plant something in them!!!!
Although I think she likes the idea of me growing up things, this year she was not impressed with the beans on the right side of the arch but was happy with the ones on the left as she left them!!!!

They where Lotties, French beans I told her, she wasn't impressed so I shall have to get some more!

I even pointed out fresh meat to her

but she turned her nose up at it and said she prefered her greens!!!!!!!! Now I have another daft chicken, at the moment, look...

its Babs, she has gone all broody on us, I keep having to turf her out, although it would be tempting to get some bantam eggs for her to hatch, I wonder if hubby would notice!!!!!

Otherwise the garden is suddenly looking green and is enjoying the rain and I even have a few flowers popping out here and there

Rush, rush rush!

Sorry I haven't posted since the wedding! I will try and get it done later today!! Its chaos here, I'm diving round like an idiot! My friend with MS is in hospital for 10 days, so have to see to her dog and visit her! Took Tori for her interview at New College, Swindon, yesterday. Today, I am visiting H and her daughter M. Just playing catch up really! Pics and post later!

This is a pic of the Houdini Chicken!!! Its 'Big Bird' and boy has she done some digging!!! Shame she didn't weed at the same time!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lots & Lots & Lots of Wedding Pics!!!

A hectic but really lovely weekend was had by all. I have tried to upload a photo album but the silly thing won't so apologies for lots of pics!!

Me & Claire!

Claire & I with our girls and Phils Mum! This is the only pic of Tori's beautiful top, the wind was so cold she wore her wooly pully!!!

Outside Registry Office.

Phil (middle) with his brother (R) and my hubby.

Claire & her son & daughter.

With her mum & dad and children.

Woodlands on parade!

The Marriage.

Signing the register.

A very happy family.

Father & daughters.

Woodlands Girls!

The Gang!!!!

Tori trying on 'The Hat'

This is hubby with his new girlfriend! She asked to be picked up then once she was comfy she said 'I'm not to heavy for you am I?'

This is my new friend. These two delightful girls entertained us no end!!!

After the 'bash' was over we drove down to my sisters where we stayed a couple of nights and had a really lovely time. All in all it was an extremely enjoyable weekend!!
Driving back we had to do a huge de-tour as the M25 was closed due to the awful accident. Once home, K gathered her stuff, had something to eat, then I took her up to Worcester!
Apparently we have a 'Houdini' chicken who has enjoyed the freedom of the garden!! I will have to inspect the damage tomorrow!!!