Friday, January 04, 2008

Moving Horsey Poo!

In the field down the lane at the side of the cottages is a large pile of horse manure! I asked the guy if I could help myself to some for the veg patch so today we decided to move some.
So join me on the journey of the collection of the manure!

Out the front door, please remember we have no rear access!

Down the lane.

Look whose coming up to meet us!

Through the gate at the bottom of the lane and across the field

As you can see it started to rain!

We where ably assisted by Tango.

Who wanted to be fussed!

Before the trek all the way back up the lane, past Tangos rain shelter

In through the lounge,

then the kitchen.

Before spreading it over the veg patch. We shall have to do this a few times before they are all covered!!

Still no sign of the Recycle Box by the way!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lost or Stolen!

One black recycle box!
Last seen this morning on the drive, filled with empty bottles, cans and paper!

Went out this afternoon to bring it in and it had completely disappeared. Everyone elses was still on their drives and I went and checked to make sure it hadn't wandered off, but no, mine had gone, puff!!!!!

Checked all ditches, nothing!

The girls want to put up 'LOST' signs, reward waiting, but we couldn't as I don't have a photo of it!!!

When I phoned the council and asked them what they had done with it, they said it must have been stolen!!!!!

STOLEN!!!! Where I live! Don't be daft!!! Who would travel 6 miles out to the country to steal a recycle box!???????

But they insisted!!!

So we thought, could this be a possiblility? Ours was the only drive with no car on it this morning, the 2nd car was across the road! So it would look like we where out! Surely not???? Why would someone steal a recycle box????
I saw the Recycle lorry pull up, it usually stops right outside mine, but this morning it didn't it was further down the road!

The hunt was round here as well this morning, it was huge, I haven't ever seen one round our fields this large for a long time, could it be one of them, or maybe a protester. Why, what would you use a black box for? Washing Wellies?? Not that I think there where any protesters as we had to pass the hunt, when we went to collect T from college!

If it was stolen, then this is I believe a serious worry. I always considered myself the local neighbourhood watcher, well I think I have failed miserably.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

We all celebrate New Year in different ways, my sister goes fishing with her hubby and cooks breakfast on the bank!!!!!

Me I like to cook and drink in the comfort of my home

My neices corn snake likes 'mouse

My husband like Christmas Pudding

and then top it off with a beautiful sunset

I wish you lots of Love, Luck and Happiness this 2008!