Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lost or Stolen!

One black recycle box!
Last seen this morning on the drive, filled with empty bottles, cans and paper!

Went out this afternoon to bring it in and it had completely disappeared. Everyone elses was still on their drives and I went and checked to make sure it hadn't wandered off, but no, mine had gone, puff!!!!!

Checked all ditches, nothing!

The girls want to put up 'LOST' signs, reward waiting, but we couldn't as I don't have a photo of it!!!

When I phoned the council and asked them what they had done with it, they said it must have been stolen!!!!!

STOLEN!!!! Where I live! Don't be daft!!! Who would travel 6 miles out to the country to steal a recycle box!???????

But they insisted!!!

So we thought, could this be a possiblility? Ours was the only drive with no car on it this morning, the 2nd car was across the road! So it would look like we where out! Surely not???? Why would someone steal a recycle box????
I saw the Recycle lorry pull up, it usually stops right outside mine, but this morning it didn't it was further down the road!

The hunt was round here as well this morning, it was huge, I haven't ever seen one round our fields this large for a long time, could it be one of them, or maybe a protester. Why, what would you use a black box for? Washing Wellies?? Not that I think there where any protesters as we had to pass the hunt, when we went to collect T from college!

If it was stolen, then this is I believe a serious worry. I always considered myself the local neighbourhood watcher, well I think I have failed miserably.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's been recycled... I'm worried now... I've got to put mine out tomorrow!

Chris said...

Oh dear, it does seem an odd thing to steal but then who knows! Have you asked any neighbours if they have two by mistake. It could happen. Hope you find it. If you like I could send you a photo of mine and you could put up a look a like poster :-)

Auntie Noo said...

Pah!! - I laugh in the face of your solitary stolen recycle box! - We have two boxes here - a purple (for paper) and a green (for everything else) In the 3 or 4 years since they started this in Guildford I have lost 5 boxes and had one squashed under a lorry on a particularly windy day!!!!!! - I wonder how much energy it costs to make the boxes????

PG said...

You would be surprised...we have two and one got filched by our neighbours because all of a sudden they decided to do a bit more recycling - so the next week I hot- footed it down the drive when they had been emptied and got it back! So I bet someone has got a new year resolution of doing more recycling and found it easier to half-inch someone else's rather than ringing up the council for a new one. My advice - paint your house number on the replacement.

Anonymous said...

Some people! I really hope you get your recycling box back soon! Don't be too hard on yourself...I'm sure you're a great neighbourhood watcher, maybe you were just having a snooze when someone decided to pinch it! ;o) {{HUGS}} x

Vallen said...

When this happened to us, someone had inadvertently taken ours in. They were doing it for an out-of -town neighor and it wasn't until that neighbor got back that we found it.