Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pics round my garden!

I'm really proud of my 'Brugmansia' it has flowered and flowered all summer and the scent is unbelievable.

beautiful berries on the 'Pyracantha'

Sedum, the colour has really come out in them this week

My husband rescued this miniture rose from the nearly dead sale at Homebase last year and it is still flowering its little heart out!
Been busy in the garden today, the weather has been gorgeous, so I jet washed the Eglu. This is a pic of before. It doesn't look to dirty does it? thats the ease of an eglu!

and this is after, totally sparkling!!

any wee beasties that survived that washing will be got by the powder!!!!! Then I cleaned out the run and whilst I was doing that the chickens where having a wander round look where I found 'Bree'

hiding in the Greenhouse, probably should have left her but she was pecking at the tomatoes!!!

Here are some friends that are in my garden too, this is one of my fairies, I have two but the other one was hiding

This is 'Mikey' he sits by the pond, seems to like being there.

This little chap lives near the caster oil plant, where its lovely and warm!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Busy Day!

Thursday 21st September
Did a batch cook of Vegetable lasgagne, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup and Quorn Curry for Kathryn, ready to freeze and take up on Sunday! My back is killing me, standing in one position does me no favours!!! Went to the Eglu got 2 eggs, I have an awful feeling that the chucks have Red spider mite. So providing my back is better tomorrow I shall dismantle the eglu cart it up to the patio, jetwash it, cart it back down again, put it back together! Then when the chucks have put themselves to bed I shall shut them in and cover them in Red Spider Mite powder and hope it works.
Also doing battle (again) with Tori's school- it appears they may not have informed us of the closing dates for her Science GCSE re-takes!!!! My goodness will they be in for trouble if they have!!! She has set her heart on achieving A -A* which she is well capable of, but because of the problems she had last year she will need to do re-takes.............. to be continued.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sassy has a new friend!

Sassy has found Tori, I was really worrying about her, she had hardly moved from K's room so I blitzed it, clean sheets, tidyed, washed windows, hoovered and nearly blocked it up, dusted etc I found 10 teaspoons, 3 of them in an old chocolate mousse pot, 1 in a Muller rice pot and the others looked like they had been in yoghurt!!! I wondered why I had been so short, altho Kathryn had brought down most of the mugs I did find a plastic cup with something growing in it???! But look I found the floor!!! and I know how long it will stay tidy for tee hee!!

After all this activity Sassy moved over to Tori's room, which I am very pleased about!

Currently one very contented cat, I hope it lasts! Doesn't Tori look cute with plaits!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Look at the size of this!!!

The large one weighs 120g the small one 60g and yes this did come from one of my hens but which one I haven't the faintest idea? We have been abit short of eggs this last week obviously saving it up! As you can see it measures 3 inches by just over 2 inches. I bet it is a double yoker, I will let you know!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This is a pic of Kathryn and her Dad last year at my sisters wedding. Mark took 'K' to Worcester Uni yesterday and helped her settle in. I am rather weepy at the mo! but she has achieved what I always hoped for her. I want her to have a better life than I did, always working in crummy shops etc. The place is very, very quiet without her and she will be greatly missed but she has now started 'the next day of the rest of her life' I am so proud of her.

Meet Sassy, Kathryns cat:-
now normally cats are very fickle as to who they like and dislike, but not Sassy, she has been Kathryns cat from the beginning. Whilst K was at college (she was out of the house from 7am - 7pm) she became friendly with me but always reverted to Kathryn when she was in. The last 2 weeks Kathryn has been at home alot and Sassy has been joined to her at the hip! Whilst all the packing was going on Sassy was in all the bags, boxes and carrier bags (a favourite hiding place of hers). She did not want Kathryn to get up on the Saturday and did everything in her power to get in the way! Once K had left Sassy settled down on a chair in her room and has hardly moved! I go in and chat, she will come round I'm sure!