Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pics That Should Have Gone With Yesterdays Blog!

The patio all tidied up

the path down to the chickens all brushed and weeded!

The new pond pump, which still needs to be re-sited.

but after 24hours has really helped clear the pond, look....
it has a UV light as well so whatever that does to the pond will take a little while longer!

If you remember a week or so ago I spent some time in the greenhouse planting seeds etc. well look whats been going on....

these are my Heritage Peas and Trail of Tears French Beans, now the reason I have a pic of them is because these plants have grown from seed I saved! I am thrilled as I had never seed saved before and wasn't sure if I had stored them correctly, I obviously did!!!!

My sweetpeas have slowed considerably, but that is because they have had there little cover off, as they where getting too big!

Here we have 5 sections, section one closest to the camera has a stray tomato plant, section 2, more tomatoes,they where sold as specifically for outdoor growing and when you look at the next pic you can see what sturdy characters they will be. Then I am really surprised about section 3, as you can just see aubergine plants popping through!!

This is all tomato's, bit sad really!!

Finally my onions.
Right must dash K is leaving to go back to Uni, so chaos surrounds us!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Chicken Sitting!

We are chicken sitting at the mo! We often do! But I don't mind as I can pretend for a week that I own a huge garden!!
Meet Dot & Doris

They live in an Eglu too. I can never remember which is which, anyway one is wanting to come out and the other is doing the business of laying an egg!

They live here

and soon Dot & Doris will have 3 sister chickens living in their garden as well in a brand new Purple Eglu!!!

These ladies are the reason I got mine!They arrived at my good friends house I think Nov 2005, 6 months later May 2006 we got ours!

Yesterday (Thursday) was a glorious day especially when the sun was out, we where in our T-shirts, when it went behind a cloud we had to put jumpers on. But with lots and lots of K's help, we managed to do alot of tidying up! Although I forgot the photos!
I don't know if you remember me fitting the super dooper huge new waterbutt close to the house? Well we have been having problems with it and it needed re-adjusting and as rain was due (again) this weekend we decided to empty it, sort it out and set it up again. Which ment charging up and down the garden with buckets as the stupid hose wouldn't fit to the tap! So we did that, then had breakfast! Very civilised here you know!
K then started on sorting the patio tidying, brushing and bagging up the accumulated winter rubbish! She continued down the path weeding as she went.
My chickens where busy having fun in the garden sunning and dust bathing

Big Bird wanted to join them but as she is blind in one eye couldn't work out how to get through!

Once we where down the garden this far, we realised that the pond pump was miss behaving again. It has been latterly but we haven't really had the weather to sort it out. Anyway in the autumn hubby bought a filter box with UV light and it has been sitting waiting to be fitted, so thats what we did. What a palarva! Anyway after much huffing and puffing and nearly falling in it is now fitted. As soon as the rain stops (yes its back)I shall take some pics!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chicken & Egg Situation!

My Chickens have gone mad?????


Big Bird


and Babs

have laid 52 eggs since the beginning of March!

Thats an average of 2 a day, 14 a week. Well actually it doesn't work like that as last week we had 21!

Today we had 4

anyone for omlette, quiche, scrambled egg, Egg custard, fried eggs, poached eggs, boiled eggs and soldiers?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring or Winter?

Spring has Sprung
The grass is riss
I wonder where the sunshine is????

We went for a walk yesterday K and I, we had to wrap up warm

as it was doing this,

snowing! Where is Spring, this is the Easter weekend!
It didn't stick down by us but up on the hills

It was quite good fun and we saw lots of things, can you see what we saw?

Look closely...........

A pair of ducks, they had been swimming up and down the ditches when we first spotted them, I tried to get a photo of them swimming but they where camera shy!

But best of all our first lambs, these are a couple of weeks old now, so where really early for this farmer

this is unusual as this farmer doesn't usually lamb until April. Lots of farmers nowadays lamb in February!