Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day After Boxing Day!

Returned home last night having had an enjoyable few days. Eaten far to much, not drank enough and still have too many choccys left!
My sister lives here, well actually just the other side of the station in one of the old station cottages

in fact it is the old Station Masters Cottage here

this is me walking down the steps to the platform which then leads to the cottage

We went out on quite a few walks, to shake the food down abit passing a few quaint places

We had some fantastic food, even better company and I believe a good time was had by all.
I hope you all had a good time too!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve, Eve.

So here we are on the doorstep of another Christmas! It really does not seem to be anytime since last year! As you can see all that is missing from the advent calander is 'Baby Jesus'.

It has been cold and frosty and we have been out for some lovely walks. This morning was particuarly entertaining as our road was better than an Ice Rink! Torville & Dean eat your heart out!
These are some pics K took with her digital camera

Even though the girls are home it has been particuarly quiet, why? Well K is writing an assignment and T is studying! They both decided that if they wanted Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day off they had to work all days before!

Merry Christmas to you all, if you are travelling stay safe, if you are at home enjoy, remember its just a roast dinner with crackers! I shall raise my glass to absent friends at mid-day on Christmas Day.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Before Christmas!

The first donkey!

Although the weather was bitter yesterday, with both fires lit it felt toasty warm, in fact I think Tango found it a bit warm

We all went to collect T from her last day at college of 2007. Did alot of daft singing and as we got home this is the view we had

We are definately feeling a bit more Christmassey today, I think this helps...

As I watch the news this morning I see that the AA (Automobile Association) predicts that today the great get away for Christmas in the UK is expected to occur and they think about 18,000,000 will hit the roads at about 3pm today.... Good Luck!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I expect you are all charging round getting yourself organised, whilst I am sat back relaxing and to be honest a little bit bored!!! This serves me right for being prepared since November, anyway here is an update of my advent calendar

Getting a bit crowded now! But K tells me it is far better seeing it in real life than on my blog!

I received a parcel in the post from my blog friend Vallen, before I left to go up to mums and it contained a CD filled with lovely Christmas tunes, so I wore it out on the drive, just to get me in the spirit!! Thank you so much Vallen a lovely way to share Christmas with one another!

T has her last day of the term today! We plan to put up our decorations either tonight or tomorrow. How restrained have I been, my indoor ones are usually up on the 1st December, but it didn't seem the same without the girls!

It is really cold today, as I type at 11.28 it is still -3C and bitterly cold. The Rayburn is blazing and I am cooking a sweetcorn chowder soup for lunch, the front stove is lit too.
I popped down to the greenhouse and the small ones heater is misbehaving somewhat, so I have moved the important plants across to the big one as that is quite toasty! well, compared with outside it is! I shall dig out the receipt as I think I shall have to return it!

Right off to find something to knit>

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Return Home!

I have returned from my very successful trip. Mum was naughty and opened her Christmas presents early and was thrilled with all her knitted items.

Madison is now one and is hilarious, what a character

Kathryn is back home for 7 weeks although she does have an exam to go in for, so the car was rather full on the return journey with dirty washing, computers, tv's etc.I am totally bushed but there are enough hands around to help out!

Hubby has finished work until 15th Jan. Tori breaks up on Thursday. So we are all set! All Christams Cards posted, all presents wrapped. Just a little bit of food shopping to do and thats it, all done. I can't recommend highly enough being ready early, I will definately try and be this organised again next year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 13

I did some clearing up in the Greenhouses yesterday checked heaters etc

I have 2 a big one and a small one. I'm not sure if its there size, but in the short time I have had the big one I have found it easier to keep at an even temp than I did the small one.

Inside the big one

as you can see lots of Brugmansias! I have decided to reduce down the amount I have and instead of having lots of small ones I am going to keep a few big ones. I forgot to take a pic of the big one right in the middle of the greenhouse.

the step ladder is there becuase I found a pane of glass had slipped, why? I don't know but its sorted now.

Inside the small one we have

and finally the Sanguinea still flowering!!!

I am off to visit my Mum via Worcester tomorrow so no blogging for a few days.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 12

Our 2nd morning of frost, yes its cold but give me a crisp frost, blue skies and that bright sun any day to rain!!!!

Bit behind on the advent calander

the first camel!!!!

I have been knitting, well playing actually, tackling a stitch I haven't done before and I am pleased with the result

What is it? You mean you can't tell! Hrmph!!!!! Just a practise really but I'm pleased with how it looks, I just need to practise knitting a bit more evenly! Although theres alot of picking up of stitches which could explain its wigglyness!

I'm also knitting something for my sister, no its not for Christmas, they are all wrapped up and ready, this is just something extra, cos I love her!!

Yes it is on four needles and no the bead is not included its a stitch marker!!! I shall be taking these with me when I go and visit my mum!

The car insurance company have decided to deal with our claim, as a claim, at our request, as the car is still drivable. They will not 'write it off' instead they will send us a cheque to get the car repaired ourselves or spend the money as we want! Well we shall repair the car, it is booked in for the 14th January. In the meantime it is OK to drive. Which means I can drive up and get K from Worcester on Friday, she will then drive me up to mums, where we will spend the weekend, then come back via Worcester as K has to pick up some stuff and hopefully be back either Sunday or Monday!

Today I shall be pottering round the greenhouses, I have had quite a lot of leaves drop off the Brugmansias and I want to clear them all up, give everything a little water, check all heaters etc etc.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday 9th Day

I feel I have been really neglectful (is that a word) of this blog. In some ways I treat it as a diary something to look back on. As well as sharing with you what ever it is I have been doing.
After my last op, I have as you know been pretty unwell. My energy levels out of 10 are currently about 1 or 2 max. I am just about keeping the troops fed, but much more than that has not been occurring. I don't know if I have told you that many years ago I was an M.E sufferer, I have found over those years, that if I get really ill, it will be a long slow haul back up. Hence lack of blogging, as not alot going on here.
Recently the original problem that I had the first op for, is back with avengence and I have now been referred to a dermatologist. This has not helped my frame of mind, as you know I am prone to the dreaded 'black dog'! I have had enough and have made myself an appointment with my GP!

In the meantime, you know how unsuccessful we are with cars! Well the red one has been involved in an accident!! Not our fault I hasten to add. We, Me, Hubby and Tori where all in it, no one was hurt and to be honest if you looked at the car from 10ft away, you would'nt believe me, as nothing looks amiss. But the insurance accesser says its a 'write off'!!!!!!!!Costs between £1600 and £2000 to repair. Cue the man up the road, who repaired the dent last month, he is a Body Shop not a dodgy dealer and his quote £450 - £500 big difference huh! The car has an appointment with the insurance engineer on Monday!
We only got this car September 2006, 15 months ago, as its a diesel we use this for all our long journeys, which are many, if they do write it off and we can't buy it back that will be £2500 down the drain as we certainly won't get anything like that back. I'm not sure what we will do. I will keep you posted.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 7

Another sheperd!

and did you know spring was here? Well it is in my garden look what I found down there this morning!!??

Primroses. I adore these pretty little flowers!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Day 6

A shepherd arrives.

Managed to finish another couple of cards. Still no decs up.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

5th Day

Now Tango has joined in!!!!

Started writing my Christmas cards then ran out!!!!! Fortunately I have some more somewhere, just can't remember where! Could be sometime today!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 4

One of my favourite animals! You know what, I'm enjoying this?

Some more good news is, when hubby saw his boss re:- his holidays, he asked to carry over the remainder that won't be used to next year. His boss said no he couldn't carry over that much, so his leave has now risen to 'five weeks'! How cool is that!!! And he still carries over 6 days!! How does he manage to get so much leave, he has been working with this company now for 20+ years and after so many years work you get an extra days leave for every year you work for them!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Day 3

lol a freisan cow

Been busy helping T with her coursework. It appears that as well as she is doing at college there are still some issues that she, according to the support unit, are putting her at a 'serious disadvantage'!
We are having to make a separate appointment to see them to discuss a way forward!

I have also been busily sewing my crimbo cards, remember the pic days back, well I am only managing one a day if I'm lucky, but they are lovely when I finish them and I'm really pleased!!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Day 2

This is fun! I'm being very good and apart from looking at all the add-ons when I first opened it, I haven't since.

I had hoped to get my outdoor decorations up this weekend, but sadly I don't think that will happen! Hubby has a cold (to you and I), Man Flu (to him)! I just hope I'm well enough not to get it again. He has been working so hard, had two very big implimentations at work and provide the last one, implimented yesterday went well, he has two weeks to close the project down, then, three weeks well deserved holiday!!!!!

I haven't alot to blog about as I've not done too much, sorry!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

1st December

I've treated myself to an advent calander, my girls have had one every year and I was allowed to open the ocassional door, so I though this year I would have my own. Being the kind person that I am I thought I would share it with you, so here is is yesterday..........

and today.........

as you can see its an advent calender with a difference, you add something each day! I admit to it being a little bit pricy, but hey, I can use it again! If you would like one too go here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cat Tag! and Knitting!

I am still, as you may have gathered from the lack of blogging, feeling under the weather. So took my self to the GP last friday actually managed to see 'MY' doc too! He can't give me anything as basically I have got so low I'm catching everything that whizz's past my door! So eat healthily, (which I do) drink plenty of fluids and gentle exercise! So each day I take a walk up to the phonebox and back. Should normally take 10 mins takes me 20+ at the mo!

Knit, well I'm knitting for England and thoroughly enjoying it


Hubbys fingerless gloves

and the first pair I've knitted for myself!

I'm supposed to be writing the Family Christmas Newsletter,I put this in the Christmas Cards but to be honest, I can't think of anything to put in it. Hopefully inspiration will come!!!

Who wants to make a Snowflake click here then click on create a snowflake". Saves all the clearing up after!!!!!

Now the Bliss Team Kitties have tagged Tango and Sassy! As you know I don't 'do' tags, but Tango and Sassy got very excited as it is the first time they have been tagged so asked me to type for them:-

Name Five Favourite Songs
Everybody Wants to be a Cat our favourite Disney Song!
The Cat Crept in by Mud
Whats New Pussycat.
The Owl and the Pussycat
Mr Mistoffolees

Name Five Favourite Toys

Anything on the end of elastic!

Dressing Up!

Bags to hide and play in.


Beds and Cosy Places

Name Five things You Love to Eat
Anything I can get my paws on given the chance!

Name Five Activities You Like to Indulge In!
Tango my number one favourite is coming in with wet and muddy feet and finding someone to dry off on before getting on my own bed all lovely and dry!

Tango, talking to my man human, we have some very interesting conversations, although I often wonder what he is saying as he does go on!

Sassy, helping on the computer!

Tango, coming in from outside and leaving muddy foot prints everywhere, especially when theres no one around to dry off on!

Sassy, being in Tori's room as she does keep it so lovely and warm!

Name Five Bad Habits
What is a bad habit? Oh when we get shouted at, well thats easy!

Lieing on the Clean Washing

Being Sick on the carpet under the dining room table in the middle of a dinner party!

Getting Really, Really Muddy

Bring a dead mouse into the bedroom in the middle of the night and crunching on it!!!

Sitting to Close to the Fire!

So the Woodlands Puss Cats Tag
Ella at Mrs Nesbitts Place
Slashabelles at Fluffy Flowers
Rupert Rabbit at Higgledy Pigglety
Babie at Nature Trail
Spot the Springer at Auntie Noo's