Friday, May 16, 2008

Poor Tango!

Tango was attacked (again) by the Feral Cat!! He (feral cat)is a pain in the proverbial and has cost us alot of money in vets bills!! I cannot seem to get it through the heads of the Cats Protection Society, that this cat needs dealing with!! No one will loan me a trap because I want him put down! Is that cruel of me? I don't think so, for those of you who reguarly read my blog will know that he used to attack Chimarni, my old cat that died the year before last! For the past 4 years every visit to the vet, other than innoculations, has been becuase of this Feral Cat. This time Tango was lucky not to lose his eye, he has puncture wounds to his leg and has to be confined to the house until he can walk properly again (thank goodness its cooler).

The Feral cat is getting really 'cocky' too. I heard the fight at 01.30, shot out of bed as fast as a bad back allows, came down the stairs , switched on the kitchen light, the fight still went on, opened the curtains, the fight still went on, switched on the outside light, the fight still went on. The ginger & white bu*%er only ran off when I opened the door and then only a part way down the patio, so I had to chase him the rest of the way!

Can you tell I'm mad???????

Think calming thoughts, go to the garden.......................................

Bunty & Bree having a dust bath!

Just look how much the tomato plants have grown!

The Gunnera taking off

its like having your own Jurassic Park Plant in the garden owning one of these!

Just to prove there are one or two flowers about....

I can't go without showing you this......

Off to have a calming weekend!! Oh thats not likely I forgot my mothers coming!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finished! Well maybe not!

Its all done and planted, bless my hubby, what a treasure! Just one or two things to go in that have still to come out of the greenhouse, but now we wait for the growing to begin!!!

Tango in his supervisory position, on the warm coal bunkers

More crozier's

these are so much fun to watch, they literally unfurl infront of your eyes!

Just to prove I do other types of gardening, although I believe not very successfully .....................

Sweetcorn just planted, Heritage peas on the right and at the end a new tomato for me Sweet Olive

Sweet peas on the left, chard in the middle and French Beans on the right.

Here we have garlic all around the edge, big bunch of chives, blackcurrant bushes
in the soil closest to you is supposed to be carrots, they've been in for ages and nothing showing, new pack of seeds as well!!! Under the frame I am supposed to have beetroot, spring onion, pick and come again lettuce and radish. I only took the cover off yesterday and the only thing to come up is the radish. I do not have much luck with salad stuffs.

Now this has been emptied of most of its brugmansias, I now have 3 different tomatoes, at the far end peppers. Once the final brugs come out I am putting some aubergine plants in that space.

The small greenhouse is full of brug cuttings and various other seedlings, my cucumbers will go in here as this is the cooler of the two greenhouses.

Finally, my current 'sitting down job' painting the graden furniture

I have a nifty little sander I use. The table top propped up on the right has been teak oiled. I have my coffee and was ready for a session of painting, but when I opened the tin it had gone all manky, so finished my coffee, changed my clothes and off to the shops for some more!!!