Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finished! Well maybe not!

Its all done and planted, bless my hubby, what a treasure! Just one or two things to go in that have still to come out of the greenhouse, but now we wait for the growing to begin!!!

Tango in his supervisory position, on the warm coal bunkers

More crozier's

these are so much fun to watch, they literally unfurl infront of your eyes!

Just to prove I do other types of gardening, although I believe not very successfully .....................

Sweetcorn just planted, Heritage peas on the right and at the end a new tomato for me Sweet Olive

Sweet peas on the left, chard in the middle and French Beans on the right.

Here we have garlic all around the edge, big bunch of chives, blackcurrant bushes
in the soil closest to you is supposed to be carrots, they've been in for ages and nothing showing, new pack of seeds as well!!! Under the frame I am supposed to have beetroot, spring onion, pick and come again lettuce and radish. I only took the cover off yesterday and the only thing to come up is the radish. I do not have much luck with salad stuffs.

Now this has been emptied of most of its brugmansias, I now have 3 different tomatoes, at the far end peppers. Once the final brugs come out I am putting some aubergine plants in that space.

The small greenhouse is full of brug cuttings and various other seedlings, my cucumbers will go in here as this is the cooler of the two greenhouses.

Finally, my current 'sitting down job' painting the graden furniture

I have a nifty little sander I use. The table top propped up on the right has been teak oiled. I have my coffee and was ready for a session of painting, but when I opened the tin it had gone all manky, so finished my coffee, changed my clothes and off to the shops for some more!!!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Libby, it's not you, my slad seeds don't always come up either. When they don't I just try again. ;-)

You've done a lot of work I see and it all looks great now. My tomatoes are in too and are growing fast. Never tried that Sweet Olive tomato before, I wonder how it will turn out.

Your greenhouses look very organised, well done! Good luck with the painting!

mrsnesbitt said...

Awesome honey....foggy here!

Cheryl said...

The garden is looking great Libby. You do well with all your veggies, I would never have the patience, also the rabbits are a pain. Will be interested to see how they progress.
Yesterdays post included my Gunnera, you might be interested to take a look. I know you like these large plant!!

Mrs. G. said...

Beautiful. I am terribly jealous!