Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Again!

Home again, home again, Jiggety Jig!
Took K up to Uni for her exam. Her University is in one of the areas affected by the torrential rain we have been having and all the flood barriers where up!

This first pic was taken whilst travelling at speed up the M5 motorway (I was not driving)this was the River Severn , more like lake now!

then as we drove around the ring road into Worcester you got this

The next pics are in Worcester Centre taken by K

Showing the flood barrier doing whats it is supposed to! Looking across the River at the Rowing club which normally has about 20+ steps down the the Rivers edge!

Now looking back at the barrier

In this pic you can just about see the tops of the trees (about 20ft out)which edge the path we walked along last year!

The Race course where the New Worcester University Library is supposed to be being built?????

Then on the journey home yesterday K took these

now this looked fun!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hubbies Birthday

This pic of him always makes me laugh! The big disadvantage to today is I will be 50 in 1 year and 3 weeks!!!!.

I have been very erratic in my posting since just before Christmas.The reason being, my girls! How do they stop me posting, well, they are around and whilst they are here I take every opportunity to spend time with them, listen to them, laugh (alot) with them and generally chat!

The older they get the closer they are to leaving home, so I want to make sure I soak in every tiny moment. Be there when they need me and just generally enjoy their company.

I get the feeling though that we have a very special relationship and that when they do fly the nest, they will flutter back.................


Off to visit my mum this week so won't be around much!