Friday, August 03, 2007

Beautiful Brugmansias!

Well a fat lot of good all the consultation with the equestrian centre has done, they believe they have done 'everything practicable' and have resubmitted the planning application!!! I presume by 'everything' that 2 letters, 2 switch on of lights and one meeting plus altering the angle of the lights is everything?? We shall hit the council now!!!!!!

I had my first home grown tomato

its called Black Cherry, and it has lovely thin skins and boy what a taste, definately recommended!

Some of my Brugmansias have come into flower and I only wish you could smell them

This is one of my new ones Brugmansia Herzenbrucke the scent is unbelieveable

I am a little disappointed with the colour, but presume its because it is a young plant. It should look like this

This is my good old faithful, which has been flowering none stop through all the rain

and the beautiful Sanguinea

I am having a right old battle with the slugs, they adore Brugmansias and off course this lovely wet weather has helped them breed prolifically. So I am sad to say I have had to revert to slug pellets + I have pots of salted water around the garden and I now do an early morning and late evening patrol with a large shovel!!!

The air at night recently has become suddenly very autumnal, well thats what my tropical plants are telling me, I have recorded 6C and some of them are suffering! We are in the process of re-doing part of the patio, it was a matter of having to, we have a down pipe that all the rain water from the flat roofs goes down to a soak away, it is ridiculous, so we have bought an extremely large water butt which is currently being installed, sadly I had to dig up my caster oil plant, I was surprise how small the root was for such a big plant, anyway it has been replanted and as I always say 'it has two chances'.

Fortunately I am away for a few days, I say fortunately because it will make me rest my back as I have done far too much yet again and its twitching!! I'm off with Tori to visit my sister, I shall be leaving the workers to fend for themselves!!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thought for Thursday! 2

Deep Thought
We can all FLY as HIGH as the DREAMS we Dare to LIVE.
Unless we are a chicken!

Click on the pic to find out where it all started!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

20th Anniversary! Your Surprise!

20 years of marriage is celebrated with presents of 'china'! So the girls very kindly got us 'Charlotte'

Isn't she beautiful, I've always liked White Sussex!!! Very easy to look after too!!!

Mark bought me a necklace with my favourite stone and birth stone an amethyst!

It is stunning and a very dark stone which is unusual, but matches my engagement ring beautifully! I am thrilled, I have always yearned after necklaces like this.

Now buying for hubby proved to be difficult and after consulting with my sister, and visiting every, yes every jewellers in Swindon we found the perfect one in the very last shop!!! Phew!!

A pocket watch. Sorry about the reflection, but that pic shows the colours best! What a hit it proved to be, he was over the moon, apparently had always wanted one!!!??? How my sister knew and I didn't, has got me thinking, what does she know that I don't!!!!! lol!!!
No you don't need just a waist coat to wear it, well he doesn't, he has clipped it to his belt and its tucked in his pocket. He does make me laugh, he keeps getting it out, clicking it open and saying 'your late'!!! We actually exchanged gifts earlier this week as K's shifts wouldn't allow her to be here at 'opening time'. Anyway last night when he came in, I asked how many people had been late? He said none and that infact it was him that had been late to a couple of meetings, I said quick as a flash, well you should have opened your watch once in the meeting and said 'I'm late' just like a little white rabbit. We did laugh!!!!!!!

He is a very special man! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now for your surprise, which you have all been waiting so patiently for, I'm sorry it took so long, but the weather and my back have slowed the whole process down, as it has been very hard work!

So here is before

and here is the after, posh hey!!

We are thrilled with the finished result, as this is a favourite place we like to sit
so come and join me beside the pond, would you like tea and cream scones or a pimms?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I have had such fun putting this together, brought back many happy memories, but also some sad ones, as I was surprised how many people who came to our wedding have since died!!!

I caused a bit of a stir as I had an off the shoulder dress and it was 'pink'!


Monday, July 30, 2007

Lights, surprises and anniversary!!!

Well, the lights went on and I did try and take some pics but its actually very difficult to do so without using a flash!!! Anyway it did not go well, they are not listening but also they are not coming up with any ideas!!! Not helpful!!
I spent the weekend talking to a sporting arena lighting specialist, who requested pics, which I supplied

he answered alot of questions but also created a few too!! Bearing in mind the arena is 30 metres x 60 metres. He reckons the lights are 10 metres tall!!!!!!!!!!!!! The plans say they should be 4.2 metres. Which if they where, we believe the problem would be alieviated as I don't think we would be able to see them!!! But how the heck do I get the height checked? and by whom? without getting there backs up any further! Currently hubby and I are totally disliked by this family now as everyone else in the group against the lights takes a firm back seat!!!
I hate all this, the parents have I believe just decided to go back and put it through, saying they have tried to communicate with us, basically anything that was said at the meeting on Monday was denied by them!!!!

Anyway your surprise is coming along nicely especially since the sun has been out. We have also been doing more redesigning on the patio, pics to follow later!!!!

Right off to get hubby an anniversary pressie this morning, we celebrate 20 years of marriage on Wednesday!!