Monday, July 30, 2007

Lights, surprises and anniversary!!!

Well, the lights went on and I did try and take some pics but its actually very difficult to do so without using a flash!!! Anyway it did not go well, they are not listening but also they are not coming up with any ideas!!! Not helpful!!
I spent the weekend talking to a sporting arena lighting specialist, who requested pics, which I supplied

he answered alot of questions but also created a few too!! Bearing in mind the arena is 30 metres x 60 metres. He reckons the lights are 10 metres tall!!!!!!!!!!!!! The plans say they should be 4.2 metres. Which if they where, we believe the problem would be alieviated as I don't think we would be able to see them!!! But how the heck do I get the height checked? and by whom? without getting there backs up any further! Currently hubby and I are totally disliked by this family now as everyone else in the group against the lights takes a firm back seat!!!
I hate all this, the parents have I believe just decided to go back and put it through, saying they have tried to communicate with us, basically anything that was said at the meeting on Monday was denied by them!!!!

Anyway your surprise is coming along nicely especially since the sun has been out. We have also been doing more redesigning on the patio, pics to follow later!!!!

Right off to get hubby an anniversary pressie this morning, we celebrate 20 years of marriage on Wednesday!!


RUTH said...

It must be so frustrating trying to fight the battle on your own. How on earth have they got away with the lights being so much taller than it say on the plans??? I wonder if any environmental group could help you. Hope you find a nice pressy

PG said...

Gritting my teeth with frustration for you. They are blatantly taller than they should be and if they have nothing to hide then they will let someone check, they really can't be allowed to get away with this, though it must be so difficult to keep up the battle in such a small community. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

mrsnesbitt said...

So obvious they are way way taller than they should be!

20 years eh?
Are you planning anything? Meal out?
Whatever, do have a lovely time.

It is our 20th next year! Time flies when you are having fun! LOL!


Sheila said...

It's too bad you and your husband are having to do all the 'dirty work', it's about time the others came forward and offered more than verbal support. I do hope you are able to get this light pollutionm problem solved ..

Ex-Shammickite said...

Thanks for your cherry jam comment.... I'm glad to say the crutches and the walking stick have been discarded, but I'm still all bandaged up and lurching like a drunken sailor. Good luck with those lights. You are definitely in the right, the others are not being good neighbours at all.

Auntie Noo said...

There must be a way with angles and triangles and things of working out the height from the photo - but school was too long ago!!!!!

Allotment Lady said...

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. 20 years eh - that's great.

I managed 21 years the first time and so far 12 years this time - but I am going for gold this time.

Those pesky lights - I am sure you till win through in the end.

Can't wait to see this surprise - I keep looking and looking and looking.

I have a few ideas in my mind, but am not airing any of them in case I am correct -don't want to spoil any.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Ah - geometry, angles, sticks, bits of string and a tape measure - oh, and a brain! Thanks for reminding me auntie noo. Mind you, I must add this is more or less the only thing about geometry I vaguely remember because of a picture of measuring the height of a tree, and dad's little ditty about Indian squaws and hippopotamus hides and ... don't ask! But if you take a right angle from the base of the light along the ground and then lie down and angle a stick towards the top of the light and measure the angle from the ground to the stick - hypotenuse - (long word for 8.15am) you can work out everything else. Sorry, had to do that without taking a breath or I'd have forgotten it. So ... if you have the right angle from the light, the angle from the ground to the top of the light you can work out the other angle. If you know the distance along the ground you can, apparently, work out the other lengths. Actually, is that geometry or algebra. See? Told you I didn't know what I was talking about!

Can't wait to see photos of you all lying down in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside brandishing sticks, pretending you're either measuring trees or hunting for hippos!