Saturday, March 08, 2008

It Was............

Sorry for the delay in posting, I got carried away decorating, and before you tell me off I took it easy, having breakfast, elevenses, lunch and afternoon stops! I needed to do something to get my motivation going again, as I was slowly sliding down that hole!
Anyway, you where all wrong its here.............

its a solar tube We have an inside bathroom and a neighbour had one of these solar tubes, we where so impressed we got one ourselves! They let in a load of light, the only downside is if your sitting on the loo, and a large bird (crow, seagule etc) flies over, for a split second it goes dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But to be honest if your looking at getting one I can highly recommend them!

My Ensete has grown some more

and a second one has sprouted.......

My propagator is not really big enough for my tropical plants, but is fine for getting the veg seeds off to a good start. Bearing this in mind I started looking for a new Prop, I liked the look of this one but at £100 it would remain a dream. So imagine my joy when I found one For Sale in the local ads paper at less than half the price!!! Yes I did get it, I will post pics when its set up in the greenhouse!

Off out to play now.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Do You Know What This Is?

I have spent to much time sitting around and I need to do!! So I am, which is why this is a short post!

Have you any idea what this might be? All those that live in my house shhhhhhh!

Some clues:-
It is in my house!
I don't know how we managed with out it!

Have fun guessing!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Well after a very hectic week normality returns. We had a lovely time and K popped back for one night which was lovely of her, it seems ages since we have seen one another!

Crafting has halted slightly as I have hurt my neck and been told not to sit in one position for too long. By the way my mum was thrilled with the apron I made her for mothers day! So now I can make some more!!

As for the seed growing, well that is coming on in leaps and bounds!
The first Ensete has sprouted

and a second one has sprouted roots!

I get such a buzz out of growing things from seed. Hubby loves me having the propagater in the kitchen, he says he likes to watch my face when I check it each morning. If something new has sprouted I'm like a mother hen (apparently), I'm sure I'm not!

My 'Wilko's Colocasias are coming along in an altogether different way!

Wilko's 1, as it is called

has decided its a hedgehog!

Wilko's 2 is doing what it should do!!!

I have planted some Basil seeds, and if you grow nothing else you should have a go at Basil. It grows quickly, comes in different colours, smells beautiful when you brush against it, can be kept on the windowsill and is divine when cooked with. Just in case you think I'm nuts having so many pots of it, some is for K at Uni!

Remember I showed you the 'Red Banana Collection' I bought from Ebay and recieved the 27th Feb, well look the Tandarra has sprouted a new leaf already!

I have so much I want to plant, but I am being a good girl and doing a bit at a time!