Thursday, February 21, 2008


Having been so positive about my last op,my positive vibes are rapidly running out! I sadly have still got the lower abdominal pain which at times can be unbearable, then bearable, due to the policy that runs at my GP surgery it is nigh on impossible to see the same GP each time I go, so we are having 'communication' and 'understanding' problems anyway I have at long last managed to get an appointment for next Monday with 'MY' GP! It will be interesting to see what he says!!!

Anyway on a positive note of other things going on around my house..... I have been spending money! Well what better way to perk you up!

This book cost me 1p plus postage from Amazon Marketplace. I bought it specifically for one item that I saw inside it, but, when I had a good look through I found quite a few other things I liked, especially one in particular which I have to keep secret!

Then yesterday I recieved another parcel in the post full of

Red Banana's!
As my greenhouse had been hit so badly by the cold especially as the heaters had decided not to work! I treated myself to some new plants, but of course they have been in the post during this very cold spell. Although they looked good and healthy and had a good root ball, I was a bit concerned, but I warmed up the soil watered with warm water and kept them in the house and this morning they look alot better

They shall be staying inside with me!
The greenhouse heaters, are, after much monitering doing the job I bought them for. The frost stat setting was a load of rubbish, for 2 very cold nights starting at 6pm I went down and adjusted the setting to get the temp in the greenhouse I required. I went down again at 7pm, then 8pm and finally 9pm each night re-adjusting as necessary. I think we have cracked it as so far the temps are holding at about 5C.


Auntie Noo said...

I'm so sorry you're still in pain! - That's Cr*p!!!! Really hope they get it sorted for you soon, it's been long enough now eh?

That book looks great!

Chris said...

As above, sorry to hear you still have pains. Seeing your own GP will help a lot I'm sure. Great new plants! Bananas! Wow, they should be interesting to grow. Keep smiling, spring is close by :-)

Cheryl said...

The plants look good and healthy Libby, they will be fine I am sure with your tlc. Buying plants always makes us feel a little better doesn't it. I know it certainly makes me feel better!

Dawn said...

Ah Libby, I'm very sorry to hear that you're still having abdominal pain. I do hope your own GP can help you out. Fingers crossed. Congrats on your new book. It looks promising. And most of all a big congrats on your baby Red Banana's plant! Woohoo! Now that looks like fun to me. I hope it does very well in your green house. That's the best kind of therapy. :-)

And BIG {{{HUGS}}} from Austin Texas...