Sunday, February 17, 2008


Look what happens when the stupid 'Frost Stat' Fan heaters don't come on and it was -6C last night!

I went down to let the chickens out at 7am and decided to go and peek in the greenhouses! Imagine my horror when I saw the thermometers where reading -2C! I checked the heaters yesterday and they both worked as you moved the dial up so I thought all would be fine they have worked for the rest of the winter but why not last night, the coldest night of the year so far!!.

I am speechless as alot of the plants I grow are not cheap! All the heaters are brand new last autumn!

So now some comparisons of the damage done
This was the view in the big greenhouse Monday

You can see the Maurellis, red trunk wrapped with bubblewrap was doing OK at the top centre of the pic you can see one of my big elephant ears, and a close up last Monday

now look

the Musa Red Tiger

I'm really not sure what to say!!

Although 'frost' can cause death to some plants it is usually followed by that wonderful blue sky and brilliant sun. So a few happier pics from around the garden!

Frozen pond, first time this year!

Frost on some tulip leaves

Tango always manages to find somewhere warm

and a pic of my Euphorbia for Cheryl


Auntie Noo said...

Oh No - you must be broken hearted. Will they recover?

farmingfriends said...

So sorry to see what the frost has done. i hope that they recover. sara from farmingfriends

Chris said...

Your frost was similar to the one here. I hope you glasshouse plants recover. I am trying to tell myself that the frost will get rid of the slugs and snails that have plagued us in the mild weather :-) It has been a beautiful day in the sunshine but in the shade it is very cold. I think we may have more frost tonight!

Ex-Shammickite said...

I hope the frost wasn't too severe and that the plants recover. Sometimes the damage is just confined to the leaves and even though more than one or two leaves might be affected, the roots are Ok and will send up new shoots. I hope that'e the case here.
Better check the heaters in case you get another frosty night.

Lucky-1 said...

Oh bugger, Libby.....:(

How sad you plants look after being hit by the frost.

Its 39 here today in Adelaide..... you cold weather is heaven to me.

Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt said...


My mumy would say "Blody Hell"



Cheryl said...

I do so feel for you, all your beautiful plants, oh to be a gardener. Thank you for posting the Euphorbia, yours is stunning. You jogged my memory by the comment you left, I have one as well, but it doesn't look as lovely as yours. We to have had severe ornamental cherry is in flower, and instead of the lovely pink.....they now are a drab brown. A lot of shrubs had started to break bud, they are now damaged. Woe is me, why do I do it?

PG said... enormously frustrating and sad. Any chance of writing to the company and getting an explanation or even compensation?

Even my hardy herbs are looking shaken from the awful frosts.

Daisy's said...

Such a sad event. I love plants and they are more work than many folks are aware of. It looks like you put much effort into giving them the best of care. Sorry to see the damage.