Friday, May 23, 2008

Good News, Look..........

Just a quickie.......
Look Whose out and about...................

this was at 08.30 this morning......

which is good because by this time the past 3 days she has been snuggled up on the nest!! So my regime may have worked? I had been letting her sleep with the rest of them, then she got up and went out and ate and drank then by about 08.00 she had been ensconced on the nest so I put her in the basket and then at 20.00 I let her out and back in with the rest!

Success, I think, I hope?!?!

I thought I would finish with my most favourite indoor plant

Oxalis regnellii atropurpurea

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why is Babs Hung Up?

I have had alot of comments from you all as to why poor old Babs is off the ground in a cage?
Last year at a similar time she went all broody, she is a right pain in the preverbial, refuses to get of the nest box so the other chickens sit ontop of her to lay their eggs!!!! I checked with hubby about the chance of allowing her to hatch some bantam chicks for us, sadly he was not keen. When ever she comes out of the nest box the other chickens have a go at her! So she was dunked in cold water! Sounds cruel but apparently its supposed to help cool them down!! It didn't work!
Anyway earlier this year Lottie, had a broody chook and did this. I thought, well theres no harm in trying so did the same, using one of my cat baskets! Apparently it takes 3 days, currently it has done nothing and we are on the morning of day 3 and she is still as broody!! I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All Wrapped Up!

Last night we went round the garden wrapping plants up and tucking them in, making sure they where all snuggly wuggly!

Moving the more tender plants back into the greenhouse

making sure the heaters where set up to come on if necessary!!

One person who does not need keeping warm is Babs. She has gone all broody again.

Allotment Lady pops her broody hens in a cage and hangs them up in the corner of the run!

So we caught her this morning, put her in the cat basket and wedged her off the ground as I have no where to hang her!! Wonder if this will work?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Who Turned the Heat Off?

The temp this morning when I got up was a chilly 3.1C. Not good for my tropical plants at all! Totally unexpected so I may have lost a couple, so tonight it will look like it has snowed as I bathe my garden in fleece as similar temps are expected again tonight!

This was taken at 9am when the temp inside the house was colder than outside and that was with the front fire lit!!!!

My back went again on Friday, and I was being a good girl, I have been so good you can see my sparkling halo! I am so desperate to get back out in the garden, I am doing as I'm told, all exercises etc. etc. I had planned to put my name down for an allotment, I think that will have to go way down the list now!! In fact gardening may have to be a hobby I'm not able to do :o(

My first ornamental poppy bloom, they are so cheerful, always makes me smile!

In the greenhouse I took this pic

Its Xanthosoma,an 'Egg Yam' amazing colour, a bluey green, with drops of dew/condensation.
These are getting huge now!

I get all excited when I go down each morning to see if a new leaf is about to unfurl!

This is another Xanthosoma

a totally different colour, look at the burgundy stems and the way this leaf unfurls

This is an Alocasia (I think?)

I lost the label. They are all so different.

and finally Alocasia Illustrus

amazing! I don't think I could give up gardening, just have to find a new way to do it!