Friday, March 14, 2008

Out in the Garden

So as not to bore you with my health problems I shall bypass that and move on to whats been going on outside:-

My new prop. is practically full

and everything in here appears to be enjoying the heat, what I have to remember is to water more often

at night I cover it with a fleece which helps keep the temp up!

The sweetpeas that I planted last week have just popped there heads out

my onions are in there starter trays

and I have planted some tomato seeds and covered them and left them in the greenhouse, it will be interesting to see if they come through!

Outside the chickens are weeding for me

I have one tulip and this lovely hellabore,

I really love the colour of this one. I do have one other hellabore but it is so covered in holes that you can hardly see it, I really must remember to dig it out.

The current state of the garden leaves alot to be desired! The flower bed on the right looking up the garden is I think coming along I have alot of bulbs for here.

The area closest to the camera is/was/maybecontinuetobe the chickens scratch patch, during the summer I put the chicken netting round this area

I really want to sort this area out and as my neighbours have said I can use the bottom of there exceptionally long garden to house my chooks during the summer, I hope to be able to do something magnificent here!!
The bed closest still needs some manure (Kathryn is home this weekend) and to be totally dug.
The middle bed is done and has garlic planted all the way round. Just beyond that you can see a pot lying down, that is my eyucalyptus (sp?) it got blown over. Then beyond that another bed that needs digging!
The storms didn;t affect us too badly, we had bad winds and you could actually feel the house shake but fortunately no damage!

Right off outside to do the chickens back sometime soon!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Very Sad! But Happy too!

Do you remember this from last year?

I was really pleased as I managed to get it for an excellent price. Well it has overwintered in the greenhouse and was just starting to sprout when we had a severe frost and the stupid heater never came on so it looked like this after...

It has not recovered and I was extremely worried as the centre had gone all grotty, so I did as advised and cut of an inch at a time with a carving knife..

still not looking good so cut of a bit more then suddenly it all came off in my hand, and looked like this..

Definately NOT good! It was rotten and stank to high heaven, I am gutted. So have cut off everything soft and rotten, wrapped it up again and have been told it could still return. We will see.

As my tropical plants have been bursting into life everywhere, but they also need more height than my propagator has, I decided to price up a new one. They are not cheap £100, more than I had or really wanted to pay


in the local Free Ads paper I found this

4ft by 2ft and lots of height, a bargain at £40! Its full now!!!!

Sorry I haven't been round visiting your blogs recently, I have been told by the physio not to sit for long at the computer, as its causing quite bad back problems for me!