Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quick Update!

I have not blogged or been blog watching much as having seen a physio I can only sit in certain chairs and in a certain way!!! I 'nearly' had a slipped disc!!! How you 'nearly' have a slipped disc I don't know, and I don't care I'm just glad it hasn't done any serious damage and for once I'm doing as I'm told!!!!!

My hubby is a treasure, I knew I married him for a reason!!!! It is major planting time in the jungle garden, and days count for these type of plants. Plant too late and they don't show themselves to their best before they have to be dug up and brought in.

So last night he arranged, today he plants, under close instruction from me!!

Another pic of my tree fern, unfurling

The advantage to having jungle plants is that planting them out during the summer empties the greenhouse leaving room for tomato plants

I know it doesn't look like it but there is alot of room in there now! Probably fit in about 12 tomato plants!

No not these ones, these I shall sell, I have another huge tray of them, plus the ones I put aside for me in the other greenhouse!

Talking of selling, I have had quite a bit of luck selling my Brugmansias on Ebay I'm now selling a couple of these

Ricinus New Zealand Purple, I grew one similar to this last year which said it should hit 4ft, do you remember

Well this one reckons it should hit 8ft!! I will keep you posted!

and finally before I dash off to stretch my back some more tulips

these where a late planting and are so sweet with there red stripes on the outside and the most beautiful creamy yellow on the inside!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Not alot happening in the garden due to my back. It is soooooooooooooo frustrating as it is a major planting time for me!! My mum and B are due to visit in 9 days and I always like to show off my garden when she comes, so poor old hubby will be having the whip cracked at him this weekend!!!

Just something to wet your appetite

7 days ago my tree ferns looked like this
The big one

and the small one

with the warm weather now looks like this

The big one has had plenty of water started waking up and yesterday morning looked like this

Last night

and this morning

Just like me rolling out of bed because of my back, but a far prettier sight!!lol!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Warming Up!!!

Well it has warmed up so much that we will let the Rayburn out today. We lit it in October so will have to organise the chimney sweep for this week if possible! I expect 'T' will complain she hates it when it gets cold. I miss it too, but it gets just too hot to keep it in!!!

I went down to let the chickens out, walked back up the garden, put my hand out to open the door and my back went!!! Its a muscle thing I believe, so I lie abit, sit abit, move around a very little bit and take an awful lot of pain killers!!

This has happened at a crucial time of year as alot of my tropicals need to be pulled in and out of the greenhouse to harden off. I need to pot on my tomatoes etc. etc. Plus all the watering!!

I thought I had been good yesterday, as I had to dig out all the old bedding from the chicken run, lime it and put in fresh new bark chippings. I only part filled the bucket and took plenty of rests cos its a long time since I did work as heavy as this and doing it this way took me 3 hours.

Anyway the chickens are happy, with there fresh bedding

the old bedding I use as a mulch on the flower beds

the veg patch is pretty organised, although a bit behind and now will be even more so!!!!

now a view looking back up the garden

All the while my friend, had made himself comfortable in my chair

Now he does this I make a concerted effort to make sure water is available, in large quantities in the greenhouse, just in case he gets shut in, as its not always me that closes the doors!!