Thursday, January 10, 2008

Romantic Candlelight!

We had no electric all day yesterday! Why? Well they where replacing all the poles and cables along our road.
We where toasty warm though and had plenty of warm drinks and food due to our Rayburn! But when it came to light, well that was one thing the Rayburn could not supply!

Back to the trusty candles, the girls agreed it was fun, I think bearing in mind where we live how fortunate we have been not to have more blackouts! It took me back to all the power cuts we used to have in the 70's!

Then it got us thinking, having watched alot of period dramas, as I do love a 'Period Drama'! Thinking specifically of the BBC's Cranford where they limited themselves to just one candle! How did they sew, or read with just one candle as you can see we lit up our table and although it doesn't look like it, we had a good light to read and playgames by!
It does look so pretty too!

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year, New Me! I Hope!

I fell off the wagon over Christmas (to be expected) but those few pounds I gained, where noticable! My knees complained!! So I leapt back onto the wagon again on the
1st January, full of 'vim & vigour' and raring to go!
I also bought a pedometer, which I started using this last weekend, and its amazing how far you have to go to hit the magic 10,0000 steps. Which I still haven't!
Anyway I promise not to bore you (just watch the ticker at the top) but I just wanted you to know I had started again, set myself a new target and added another 6lbs off this week to get me there.
I'm feeling good, hoping to go swimming twice a week when normality returns to the household.


and there always is one, I have 2 specialist appointments this week and one of those will confirm if I need another op! If I do that will put paid to the swimming for 6 weeks! But that won't stop me eating correctly! lol

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Look Who's Returned!!!

Me. Where have you been?
Box. I can't tell you?
Me. Why not?
Box. Cos if I told you I'd have to kill you?
Me. Charming, after all the care I've given you, feeding you paper, bottles and cans and this is the way you treat me!
Box. Sorry that is the code of the black box, we digest all your rubbish then your never sure where we go with it. Does it go to landfill or for recycling!!!!
Me. Hrmph, then maybe I shall starve you?
Box. Then you will feel guilty for not doing your bit!
Me. I will take it myself!
Box. Adding to your already large carbon footprint.
Me. I see you've got me over a 'blackbox'!
Box. Thats the way I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!