Saturday, June 16, 2007


Ruth has tagged me and wishes to know

8 Random Facts

1. I'm scared of the dark and always have the landing light on at night!
2. I never took any 'O' Levels!! Only CSE's!!!!
3. My parents nickname for me was'Elizabeth Jane, gutsey, Perry talks too much!!!
4. When we had a caravan, I could reverse it and hubby couldn't!!!!!!!!
5. I was one of a group of 6 Brownies to be the first to pass the cycling proficiency badges, ever!
6. I was the first girl to be accepted at a Liverpool College to train to be a Radio Officer (at sea)
7. The first time I ever flew in an aeroplane, I was 31 and 6 months pregnant!!
8. I am an ME sufferer. Myalgic encephalomyelitis.

So please feel free to have a go at this so we can all find out something a bit different about you all!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Trundle Round the Garden!

They have left!! Leaving quite a mess and to be honest the last thing I want to do at the moment is tidy up so I escaped with my camera to the garden

My palms are all doing well

Lots of new growth coming up

The size of this banana leaf

sorry about the glare!

I have 3 roses in my garden, one is a cutting given to me by my sister who got it from my dad! It is a lovely rose but absolutely covered in black spot and has always been quite weedy in growth, I can't bring myself to part with it though.

The other 2 are these

A Queen Elizabeth. My mum had one of these growing under my window (as a child) and the scent from it was heavenly.

This one my hubby bought from a plant sale and it grows through shades of yellow to a blush colour.

The Sanguinea Brugmansia is slowly coming into bloom

A leaf a day Canna, I only got it as a small tuber but its doing well

I'm not sure I will buy from Easy Tropicals again, I have had a number of plants from them, which always arrive well packaged and look healthy, the only problem I have found is they don't grow! The comparison I have is I have bought a number of similar plants from other places on Ebay and with in days they are shooting off

this is the plant the day it arrived and I potted up (6th June)

and here it is today

can you see any difference? No neither can I and this plant should be going nuts!!

Some pics of my tree ferns

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Camping Chaos

My lounge!!!!!!!

and this is only part of it!! K and her friends are off to Newquay, on Friday, camping. So I have been scrabbling round the loft and shed collecting all the bits and pieces!!

My feet don't seem to have touched the floor these last few days! Haven't really done anything in the garden except water, but now its raining I don't really need to do that!!!

Back later!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Out and about in the Garden!

I feel like an old woman sometimes!!!! Just because of our mad weekend the eating and drinking routine went right out the window and boy have a suffered, hence the no post yesterday!! Its getting to be a right pain (and it is)to be honest, I think I may have to go back to the GP becuase I'm sure this can't be right!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, yes Ruth you where right it is a variagated brugmansia

I really need to pot them all into bigger pots, but have you seen the price of large plant pots, unbelievable, not so bad when you want to buy 3 or 6 for your tomato plants but 25, well that requires a mortgage!!!!! lol!!!

Well I surprised myself, I wrote that first bit about 8am this morning and saved it as a draft, I have just come in from repotting all but 5 of the brugmansia's into bigger pots!!! Yes thats right I had 20 big pots loitering around the garden!!!! So I only need to buy 5!! (at the moment, anyway!)


and that isn't all of them!!

I use coir and get it from here it comes in blocks which you have to soak

this is soaking for my big brugmansia which I have still to pot up in a larger pot!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few pics from around the garden

Queen Elizabeth Rose and greenfly!!!!

My neighbours rambling rose, it has never bloomed like it has this year!

I bought this old chicken feeder a few years ago, (I like to be different) I only planted it up last week but look at the Bizzie Lizzies.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What a Weekend!

Busy, busy, busy,

well this is it, well nearly

I forgot to take a pic when we first arrived which is a shame because you would have seen nettles the height of the ones inside all round the outside and all inside as well. Which was awkward because we where both wearing shorts!!!!!! We arrived at 2.30pm and managed to get all the homemade staging out all the glass out and eventually got the doors off which took ages as the roots of the nettles had grown up into the runners!! Carry the glass 100 yds to the car, pack the car and drive home by 7.30pm...... exhausted, it had been so humid!

Then today we drove to.................. Falmouth and back to collect 24 brugmansia plants from a very lovely lady who is retiring from Brugmansia propergating.

I hope all of these will help me get going in the propergating business. They are all crammed in here amongst other plants because of this..

that sky dumped loads of rain on us and my 2 empty butts are now half full again!!

Right off to put my feet up!!!