Sunday, June 10, 2007

What a Weekend!

Busy, busy, busy,

well this is it, well nearly

I forgot to take a pic when we first arrived which is a shame because you would have seen nettles the height of the ones inside all round the outside and all inside as well. Which was awkward because we where both wearing shorts!!!!!! We arrived at 2.30pm and managed to get all the homemade staging out all the glass out and eventually got the doors off which took ages as the roots of the nettles had grown up into the runners!! Carry the glass 100 yds to the car, pack the car and drive home by 7.30pm...... exhausted, it had been so humid!

Then today we drove to.................. Falmouth and back to collect 24 brugmansia plants from a very lovely lady who is retiring from Brugmansia propergating.

I hope all of these will help me get going in the propergating business. They are all crammed in here amongst other plants because of this..

that sky dumped loads of rain on us and my 2 empty butts are now half full again!!

Right off to put my feet up!!!


RUTH said...

You deserve to put your feet up! Do I spy a variagated brugmansia in that wonderful selection?

Allotment Lady said...

Well done you - the launch of a new career

mrsnesbitt said...

Bloody Hell! I am looking for staging for our greenhouse!

Good Luck You!
You deserve it and will get it...I am certain, as we all are reading comments above!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Wow you drove all the way to falmouth, that's a long way to go.
I hope the plants will be worth it!
And the greenhouse looks great, I wish I had one.

Vallen said...

That stormy picture looks like the tropics with the dark clouds and banana fronds. Lovely, lovely garden.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Looks like a nice big greenhouse, can't wait to see it in your garden (without the nettles ;-)). Nettles and shorts are un-mixy. A lot of work has been done (again) so well done!

We had loads of rain too, but mainly during the night. :-)