Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pootling about!!

Just pootling around! Cleaned out chickens they seemed quite happy once we put some fresh straw in the run...

Spoke to our neighbour about cutting back her apple tree, she was fine about it! There are a couple of very large branches she wants to take off herself. Anyway once Mark had cut it back to the boundary, we had heart failure as it looks so awful! But he actally didn't take of alot!!

I planted some tomato and pepper seeds! I brought some inside into the propagator

and I left some in the greenhouse on the potting bench above the heater, just to see if they would grow!!!

I did put a propagator lid on them!

Finally, the Pip Challenge..............

my date has a leaf!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Short Post!

Sorry, not feeling to brill had to go see the 'quack' today and paid out a fortune for the prescription!!!
Will be about but not my normal jolly old (less of the old!!) self!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Garden, Pond, Frogs, Chickens, Fairies and Flowers!!

Wednesday is Chicken day!! Well cleaning out the eglu!! As usual the weather forecasters got it wrong, according to yesterdays weather it was due to chuck it down today, I think it passed over quicker than expected! So of I toddled down the garden and what do I find.............

Frogs Spawn!!!

silly frogs, sadly this lot will probably get killed by the frost!!!! Then I noticed the pump was playing up so I had to sort that out which involved getting very wet and for some unknown reason a couple of dead frogs attached to the pump!! I have no idea how they get trapped, they shouldn't but then of course no one tells them that!!

This next bit is very sad, so if you are of a squeamish nature I suggest you look away.......

poor fairy, she must have crash landed and her wings fell off!!! Either that or one of my cats chased her and they fell off in fright!!!! So I spoke very quitely to her and asked if I could help, she told me she would be grateful if I could try and mend her wings, so she is inside my house keeping nice and warm until I can come up with a way to mend them!!!!

All this excitment and I haven't even reached the chickens!!! I had let them out but can't see them anywhere! This is impossible in my garden its so small you can't lose anything, ah ha!

here they are round the other side of the greenhouse!! See Big Bird in the middle keeping an eye on things!!!! She always does this, whilst the others peck and scratch away!!!

Eglu done, all tidied away etc. etc. etc. MMMmmmmmmm! its only 10.15, to early to go in, what mischief can I get up to now!!! Just look what I did, don't tell hubby though!!!

Its all gone, chopped up and put in the bags on the right!! All that lot now has to go right through my house, as I have no rear access!!!

You can see how much light it will let through if you compare it to yesterdays photos!!

The big fir bush/tree came out a good 3 - 4ft!!! in the last photo the sun is just starting to poke its head through the clouds, so if you look straight at the water butts,and say that 12 o'clock the sun is peeping through at 11 o'clock, so you can see how much light will get through once I have moved all the plants!!!

The big disadvantage to this clever plan is this

Can you see?? I can too, right the way to the very bottom of the garden!!! I don't like that, theres no mystery!!!! I think the answer maybe 'Jerusalem Artichokes!!! They grow 6 -8ft tall I believe so if I planted them close, to the flower bed on the right, near where the dogwood is (that is coming out!), so the flower bed is used to less sunlight it may creat a screen for the summer! Something to ponder about!

Now for something cheerful........................

Flowers...... thank you Vallen I had fun doing these, the pattern is here.

My first attempt.....

second go......

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gardening things!!

Anyway I decided to go out and spend my garden vouchers, so off I toddled to my favourite garden centre.

(Vallen Gardening Vouchers are like book tokens/vouchers, someone buys some as a pressie, you take them to a participating garden centre and spend!!!)

Anyway having had a lovely wander round I still haven't spent them, there where no ducks!!!

Once home I fiddled around making newspaper pots....

Take a tabloid newspaper

1. Fold it in half

2. Fold it in half again

3. and in half again

4. You now need to creat a triangle shape by taking one of the corners and getting it to meet the centre top (I hope the picture explains it)

5. Now fold the top right hand corner over to the left

Repeat step 4 & 5 on the other side so it ends up like this

6. Now fold it both edges so it looks like this

7. then fold in the edges again like this

8. Now turn it over and repeat steps 6 & 7

now this is the way to keep them until you need to use them, if you weigh them down it makes the creases better. To make the pot I fold back both the flaps and carefully put my hand inside

They look flimsey but they work well and they are-bio degradable!!!!

I decided that I should get outside for some fresh air, when I'm out there I always have to find something to do so, I popped the Chinese Artichokes into a pot, I know there supposed to go into the ground ,but where I want to put them isn't ready yet!!

I also bought a Blackcurrant bush for £1 from Wilkinsons, that is now in a pot in the Greenhouse which is alot cooler than the house or shop where it has been for the last few days, but should protect it from the frost

Talking about the greenhouse

the onions are coming along 'too' well

the Brugmansia keeps growing, don't know what we will do at the end of the year, I'm not sure if it will fit back in the greenhouse!!!

and this is what it looks like in the summer, I think you will all realise why I like it so much

and why I'm so protective of it!!!! The tree fern is fine but the one banana that is in the greenhouse looks very dead!! It maybe ok, they have a habit of bursting back into life again, the one plus is the trunk bit has not gone soggy!!!

Changes afoot in the garden:- Ably assisted by my ginger friend

this trellis, arch and fir tree are coming out, the trellis I will reuse further down the garden along with the honeysuckle and rose that are growing up it. From the other side you can see this became a 'dumping ground' and it is really annoying me..

I think clearing everything away will allow more sun into this area. I will use it for 'permanent' crops the few fruit bushes I have, raspberry canes and Chinese Artichokes etc. Once the trellis and fir tree are gone it will actually be quite a large area. I may grow some Jerusalem Artichokes, I know they grow about 6ft, but I maybe able to use it as a cunning way to make it appear the trellis is still there but without taking any sun from the other plants!!!!!!
The chickens are still presenting a problem,as to where we should move them. I will take some photos another day and explain, apparently its going to chuck it down tomorrow, so I don't think I will be showing you then!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lucky Me!!!

I recieved some fabulous pressies today, take a look

Ever since I knitted the bracelet for Kathryn I have been fascinated by this. I think the girls are rather keen that I continue!!

Lots of National Garden Vouchers! Which I am planning to use to buy these

BUT! When I get there I may very well change my mind!!!!!

My sister knowing me so well included in her parcel these seeds.......

she knows I like to try something a little bit different!!! So I will keep a diary of a Loofah Plant, when I get going!!!

But the bestest, bestest present of all was

I wore this necklace on my wedding day! But sadly the neurotic dog we used to have broke it along with 2 others about 6+ years ago! Kathryn said I had them out a while back (she has the memory of an elephant)anyway she pinched it when I was in hospital and she and Mark got it repaired!!!! It is a great favourite of mine and I am thrilled to bits to be wearing it again!!!!

I have had a most wonderful day, with my family. I have recieved some lovely cards, infact I have had more cards this year than I have had for a long time, thank you everyone.

I'm sorry Kathryn, for putting the pic of you and Lee on the blog, but you know what Aunty Cal is like!!!!! He seems very nice, although how you two will ever make a decision I will never know!!!!!

Birthday Meal Pics!

Today is the day when I get another year older!!! But as I am only 26, and have been 26, since I was 26, it doesn't really count!!! Anyway Kathryn and Lee travelled down from Worcester by train yesterday, bearing in mind they had only had 3 hours sleep as they had been out celebrating Lee's birthday on Friday night. I think they were suffering a little bit!
We had a lovely afternoon catching up and chatting then we went out for a lovely chinese meal at a favourite restaurant of ours in Swindon. Here are a couple of pics!

My daft but wonderful husband!!

Kathryn and Lee.

Me and Tori!

See you all later!!!