Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Garden, Pond, Frogs, Chickens, Fairies and Flowers!!

Wednesday is Chicken day!! Well cleaning out the eglu!! As usual the weather forecasters got it wrong, according to yesterdays weather it was due to chuck it down today, I think it passed over quicker than expected! So of I toddled down the garden and what do I find.............

Frogs Spawn!!!

silly frogs, sadly this lot will probably get killed by the frost!!!! Then I noticed the pump was playing up so I had to sort that out which involved getting very wet and for some unknown reason a couple of dead frogs attached to the pump!! I have no idea how they get trapped, they shouldn't but then of course no one tells them that!!

This next bit is very sad, so if you are of a squeamish nature I suggest you look away.......

poor fairy, she must have crash landed and her wings fell off!!! Either that or one of my cats chased her and they fell off in fright!!!! So I spoke very quitely to her and asked if I could help, she told me she would be grateful if I could try and mend her wings, so she is inside my house keeping nice and warm until I can come up with a way to mend them!!!!

All this excitment and I haven't even reached the chickens!!! I had let them out but can't see them anywhere! This is impossible in my garden its so small you can't lose anything, ah ha!

here they are round the other side of the greenhouse!! See Big Bird in the middle keeping an eye on things!!!! She always does this, whilst the others peck and scratch away!!!

Eglu done, all tidied away etc. etc. etc. MMMmmmmmmm! its only 10.15, to early to go in, what mischief can I get up to now!!! Just look what I did, don't tell hubby though!!!

Its all gone, chopped up and put in the bags on the right!! All that lot now has to go right through my house, as I have no rear access!!!

You can see how much light it will let through if you compare it to yesterdays photos!!

The big fir bush/tree came out a good 3 - 4ft!!! in the last photo the sun is just starting to poke its head through the clouds, so if you look straight at the water butts,and say that 12 o'clock the sun is peeping through at 11 o'clock, so you can see how much light will get through once I have moved all the plants!!!

The big disadvantage to this clever plan is this

Can you see?? I can too, right the way to the very bottom of the garden!!! I don't like that, theres no mystery!!!! I think the answer maybe 'Jerusalem Artichokes!!! They grow 6 -8ft tall I believe so if I planted them close, to the flower bed on the right, near where the dogwood is (that is coming out!), so the flower bed is used to less sunlight it may creat a screen for the summer! Something to ponder about!

Now for something cheerful........................

Flowers...... thank you Vallen I had fun doing these, the pattern is here.

My first attempt.....

second go......


RUTH said...

You are a girl after my own heart getting stuck into that gardening job. Wee done! Our rain didn't clear till this afternoon but as you was better than the forecast.
Frogspawn on Valentines romantic...but that poor little fairy...send her hugs from all the fairies in my garden.
Ilove those flowers; could get very tempted to try them.

RUTH said...

I hope you realise Wee done...was supposed to be WELL done...I wasn't really telling you about my toilet habits...LOL

Sheila said...

You are a productive girl..!
My hubby cringes when I get out into the garden with a pair of secateurs. 'I'll just give things a bit of a pruning'...usually means bags and bags of clippings. Then the saw comes out and the trees get a seeing to as well. But boy, is there anything more satisfying.
Your garden does look nice, and I can't wait to see summer photos.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I am insanely envious of your gardening efforts, my garden is under 3' of snow, see my blog for bizzard details!! Happy Valentine's day, my your chickens lay lots of eggs!

Nature Girl said...

So much happening here! Oh my so sad ..about the broken wing but came to her rescue..whew!
Oh no poor froggy in the pump..eeyew!
~~stopped by to say~~
~~Happy Valentines Day!~~ hugs NG

Gill said...

Libby, my faires have probs like that.

They are under my grapefruit tree, and they some times get "bombed" when the grapefruit fall on them

Take care

Jennifer said...

Hi! I really liked the flower pattern you have been working on. Thanks for this idea; I would luv to have something like that in my collection.