Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So Much to do So Little Time to Do It!

Blogging between now and 2nd June (ish), will be a bit irratic. I have spent so much time in the garden recently that my house has been sadly neglected and my mother is coming to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the reason 'bloggin' maybe irratic! I may not have the opportunity to sit down and write. We will see!!!

Anyway the current state of the house is to be expected when you look at what has been achieved in the garden....

I am really chuffed to bits with how its turned out!

So whats left to be done in the garden,

I managed to fit everything into my little car and get it to the tip, when I came back I had to hoover it out!!!!!!
I need to edge the beds and then cover in bark chippings, what I can't decide is whether to use weed membrane or not as some of the plants will only be in for the summer??
Harden off the remaining plants that are in the greenhouse.
Pot up the tracycarpus and brugmansia into bigger pots.

In the house,

Well I did the whole of the lounge, up the stairs across the landing and the bathroom yesterday. Tori did her room over the weekend, so we just need to hoover and change the sheets. (Mum sleeps in here), Tori will move across to K's room which is currently full to the ceiling with ironing! So that has to be done today! Then theres just the kitchen and downstairs loo to be done. Not much really but my goodness I have neglected them and they are a bit of a state!!!!!!

Wednesday is cake making day! Its K's birthday on Thursday and on my way up to mums (on Thursday) I am calling in at the Uni to give her, her birthday presents and birthday cake! Friday we should be returning provided the appointment with the specialist goes well. Then mum will be here for a week!

Right must dash, got to take T to school she has an English Literature exam today, it is based on Lord of the Flies by William Golding! I did this for my exams too, but I can assure you my result was consideranly lower than I expect T's to be!!!!