Friday, October 12, 2007

Glass, Wool and Garden!

Well I have nearly got all the old greenhouse glass cleaned. Ordered and collected the new glass! Now I'm just waiting on the clips and rubber strips to arrive by post!!!!!!!!!!! They have today and tomorrow to do that, then Monday and Tuesday we have another postal strike!!

I have been knitting,

Its a bedjacket for my mum, for Christmas, I'm not totally happy about it so am doing another one. Its just like one she had many years ago, that fell to pieces, fortunately I found the pattern, a vintage one, on good old EBAY! You can see the wool I'm using for the next one in the top corner of the first pic! I used 4ply for this one which I think is the right weight for the jacket, but probably not for the pattern!!! So the next one is in Double Knit, which I think will be great for the pattern but too heavy as a bed jacket!!!! So she will be able to choose!!!! lol!!

I did abit of tidying up in the garden yesterday and managed to get some pretty good pics I think!!!

It was really foggy yesterday and I got some lovely spider web pics!


Red Caster Oil plant! Such a lovely rich colour!

A very confused clematis, I'm sure it doesn't normally flower at this time of year!!!

This is my Brugmansia, the very first one I ever owned and it never fails to amaze me with its magnificent display of flowers even this late in the year!

and finally one of my Red Banana's which is looking forward to the protection that my greenhouse is soon to offer!

My sister is coming for the day tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to that!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thought For Thursday!

Others have excuses; I have my reasons why."
-Nickel Creek

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Looks Like Murder!!

I was going to take you through getting all the glass ready for putting in the greenhouse this weekend. I had to sort through it and order any bits that needed replacing


I had an accident???

3 pieces of glass in and I have sliced a good chunk out of my finger!!! You should have seen the blood, wow! (its a lovely colour though) would it stop bleeding! No! I can't take it to the Docs cos its not the type of cut that has stitches, its the type of cut, a bit like carving a roast, a slice to be exact right on my top knuckle!

So now I'm stuck! I can't knit, or sew or anything! Mind you its probably just as well, as I had a jippy tum yesterday and am in quite a bit of pain today!

I was having a look back to see what I was doing this time last year? Well exactly a year ago today I was making Mango Chutney! Then on the 13th I went in for my first op! Can it really be a year ago!!! Take a look back and see what you where doing a year ago? I shall pop over and see.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Down the Garden!

Just thought we could go for a wander down the garden. Its been rather negelected this summer, so is overgrown in places. But then there have been changes in others.

So out of the patio doors

from the patio doors looking to the right where the new water butt is, and all the ivy has gone from behind the tree ferns!

through the arch which is next to the big Brugmansia, in the first pic. You are now looking down through the 'veg patch'

at the end of the veg patch are the chickens, this is where the garden widens to 23ft!

Just beyond the pond is immediately on your right with the small patio area. The flower bed on the right needs to be sorted and I may lose the lawn to the left of the path, it will help disguise the greenhouse.

Thats the end of the trip!!!!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Done Far Too Much!!!

Well at long last the greenhouse frame is up!

If you remember we made a start last week and built the base for a 10 x 8 greenhouse! What I didn't tell you was the greenhouse's exact measurements are 10'6 x 8'3 !!!!! So we had to do the base all over again!! well we didn't know!!!!!

Whilst I was down there, we gave the eglu a really good clean out.

I was kind and let the chickens roam round the garden, that was until they started digging everything up , so they where quickly put back in there cleaned out run!

Just got to wait till the postal strike is over, then hopefully I will get the rubber strips for the greenhouse glass, check all the glass order any that needs replacing, then with any luck we hope to glaze next weekend!! then I can fill it just in time for going into hospital!!!!!!

Phew! I'm absolutely bushed, now. So off to put my feet up!!