Friday, October 12, 2007

Glass, Wool and Garden!

Well I have nearly got all the old greenhouse glass cleaned. Ordered and collected the new glass! Now I'm just waiting on the clips and rubber strips to arrive by post!!!!!!!!!!! They have today and tomorrow to do that, then Monday and Tuesday we have another postal strike!!

I have been knitting,

Its a bedjacket for my mum, for Christmas, I'm not totally happy about it so am doing another one. Its just like one she had many years ago, that fell to pieces, fortunately I found the pattern, a vintage one, on good old EBAY! You can see the wool I'm using for the next one in the top corner of the first pic! I used 4ply for this one which I think is the right weight for the jacket, but probably not for the pattern!!! So the next one is in Double Knit, which I think will be great for the pattern but too heavy as a bed jacket!!!! So she will be able to choose!!!! lol!!

I did abit of tidying up in the garden yesterday and managed to get some pretty good pics I think!!!

It was really foggy yesterday and I got some lovely spider web pics!


Red Caster Oil plant! Such a lovely rich colour!

A very confused clematis, I'm sure it doesn't normally flower at this time of year!!!

This is my Brugmansia, the very first one I ever owned and it never fails to amaze me with its magnificent display of flowers even this late in the year!

and finally one of my Red Banana's which is looking forward to the protection that my greenhouse is soon to offer!

My sister is coming for the day tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to that!!!


mrsnesbitt said...

Love the Autumness of your photos Libby! Have a great day with your sister!

Auntie Noo said...

Your knitting looks mighty fine!! It'll look great in a DK!

Felicia said...

Wow, love your garden pictures. And the spider web is incredible.

Barbara said...

Wonderful pictures from your autumn garden. And I like the spider nets too that you took pictures of! They are great!
Greetings from Switzerland, Barbara

farmingfriends said...

Love the knitting and the spiders webs photos are amazing.
Sara from farmingfriends

Mark said...

Looks like you have been putting your knitting skills to use by creating spiders webs...

Cheers Mark

Alchamillamolly said...

Hello have just found you on Mrs Nesbitts blog - I desperately want an egloo when we move - do you have to get permission to have hens? either off your neighbours or the Council?? Is it working having them ?? I am not even bothered about eggs I would be happy with just the hens.....

RUTH said...

Beautiful photos Libby..I so admire your solitary bud is hardly moving but now the sun has completely gone from the garden until next March/April :o( Hope your finger's are doing so well knitting etc with it.
Your red Banana is fabulous! Have a great day with your sister

Sheila said...

Great Fall photography Libby.
When my elderly dad was in hospital this week they put a similar bed jacket on him, for warmth. They had been made by volunteers. I'd never seen that design and now you've made one too..!

Christine and FAZ said...

Did you notice the top pic with the spider's web has similar colours and web shape reflected in the bed jacket you knitted. Is this a co-incidence?


Annie said...

I thought the same thing as Christine and Faz did, about the knittedness of your work and the spiders.

Knitting is such mixed pleasure, isn't it. All the excitement of starting something new and then the concern when it looks a bit different from what you'd dreamed. You're covering you bases, doing two different versions - lots of energy.

Making something that reminds someone of a garment they once treasured dearly - what a special gift.

Janice said...

Outstanding photos of your autumn garden! That spider web is much work put into it! Your mom will love the bed jacket you are making for her! Blessings!