Friday, October 10, 2008

On the End of a Cats Lead!!!!!!!!

Lovely sunny day so I decided that Jake should have another walk around the garden so popped the harness on him and out we went
sniffing and a little bit wary.

as we saunter slowly down the patio

wandering from side to side

investigating this & that, look how far we have come!!

but we went further.......... halfway down my veg patch

which I thought was quite impressive! As you can see I managed quite a few pics but the next 10 seconds was something totally different... now you have to get yourself into the situation between the last pic and this next one, the last one being taken at 1 second the next one at 10 seconds, remembering I am not a small lady

the route went something like this, through the table and chair legs

across the veg patch and through the table and bar-b-que legs!

between the brugmansia pots!

Round the table and patio pots

and in the cat flap!

I suppose the one good thing to come of it now I have dusted all the mud off, is he knows where the catflap is!!!!!! Off for a lie down!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My mum always, always, always made her own pickled onions. Now we enjoy a crunchy pickled onion or two, so when I took K back to Uni and saw pickling onions in her veggie store I bought some!
When I have made them before I just peeled them, plonked them into the jar and filled up with pickling vinegar! But this time I though I would follow the 'Good Housekeeping' Recipe book, cos mine ended up being a bit soft!

So first you have your onions, which need to be peeled, best done watching the TV or something similar,

make a brine with 1lb(450g)salt and 1 gal(4.5l)water, brought to the boil so the salt dissolves then cooled. Add onions once water is thoroughly cool and leave overnight.

cover with a plate to make sure all onions are submerged...

I had a peek this morning and they have changed colour abit, don't know if thats good or bad?! Anyway wash them off in cold water and swing around in a teatowel to dry them off.

Pack into a Kilner jar and pour over the spiced vinegar!

Not sure I have enough.......................
so go out buy LOTS more onions and repeat process!

My Good Housekeeping Recipe book was a present to me on my 21st birthday, it has been a godsend and I would not be without it.
I was looking through what else can be pickled, beetroot, Red Cabbage, mum used to make this too we used to eat it with Lancashire Hotpot, I think I liked the pickle better than the hotpot!!!!
Also sweet pickles.....
Did you know you could Pickle bananas ugh! Doesn't say what you would serve it with! Pickled Orange rings, you would serve these with duck! Melon pickle and also Pickled Melon Rind???? There is even one that takes at least 10 days to make and that is Pickled Plums I wonder what they would taste like and what you would eat it with?

Maybe its time I bought a new cook book??? lol!!!

By the way more happening in the kitchen soon!! Things to do with Christmas!!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Walkies, well maybe not!

Ooo the great outdoors!

Maybe I'll sit here for awhile!

Ah ha! Thats the way in!!!!!!!!

and thats as far as we got!! But look Jake this is the way to do it!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

All the T's....... Tori and Tango!

We have had a bit of a hectic end to the week, T has been in hospital!!! She got severe abdominal pains on Thursday and they where so bad one of her friends phoned hubby (he was closest)as all the college would offer was a taxi!!! So he took her to A & E. By the time I got there they had got her in, to be examined and given her pain killers.
Anyway to cut a long story short, they thought it was either an ovarian cyst or twisted ovary!
Admitted her for a scan
continued to feed her pain killers on an empty stomach
she wanted her teddy!
Started being ill, due to pain killer on empty stomach, even though I had told them she was sensitive to this!
K came home.
T was scanned, nothing urgent found.
Discharged, even though still being ill and couldn't even keep water down!
Slept for 17 hours
Got up feeling lots better drank alot ate a little and went back to bed again, where she still is!
We are glad she is home and it was nothing urgent, although this is being followed up by a deeper scan to make sure everything is OK!

Then of course Tango does not like one person being the centre of attention unless its him!

So sitting on T with her wrist band on his head and he doesn't give a hoot!

we had the front fire lit but clearly it was too hot for T!!!

His passionate face!

I apologise for hubbies legs, but I just loved this pic, it sums Tango up, relaxed!

All of the pics of Tango where taken today, as I said he likes to be the centre of attention!