Thursday, September 14, 2006

Flowers in my Garden!

A lovely sunflower!

an even nicer one!


a closer view!

Garlic Chives flower!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How would you recycle 'thongs'!!

Kathryn is packing for Uni at the moment and her room currently looks like this

Ok this is how it goes at the moment:

2 lime green boxes full of cups, plates, glasses, pan, and other useful kitchen stuff

grey bag infront of zebra: sheets, towels, tea towels, toweling dressing gown and teddies

red bag: clothes which I think will over flow into blue bag!

primark bag on chair: underwear

essence shoe box: 300 cd's to decorate the wall with

box behind: coat hangers

box underneath: food

under blue bag: another bag with ladies bits and pieces in!
this doesn't include makeup, jewellery, hairdryer, straightners, any shampoo etc, electric toothbrush, coat, walking boots, ooooohhh yes and the bag out of picture that is just FULL of shoes, handbags and belts, nothing else!!!!

We still haven't got the computer, (cos of her dyslexia only diagnosed Dec 2005, she is getting a computer from council)Kathryn phoned to find out where it was and it looks like it will have to be delivered to uni direct, which is probably just as well because it includes, computer screen, keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital recorder and printer!

We have had a chance to sort through clothes to be kept and clothes to be sent to charity shop. As she no longer wears thongs, and they can't really be recycled Kathryn decided to decorate my lounge with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way if you think we have forgotten anything please let me know!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bike Safe Day for Mark

Mark is on a 'Bike Safe' day today with Wiltshire Police. He returned to biking after a 20 year gap and has treated himself to a 'Kawasaki 500' plus all the gear! He's been back on the road since July and was quite nervous before he left today! (in case they told him he was a rubbish rider!)

Mark commutes 44 miles a day just for work and to be honest the petrol costs have been astronomic and just on the school run I do 24 miles aday. So his bike is a money saving item????

Tori had a great day yesterday, she had some lovely presents :- a punchball and boxing gloves, a PS 2 game, 'Pink' CD, 'Fallout Boys' CD, a beautiful dragon ornament, a belt and silk scarf with a skull and crossbones on and a couple of other little pressies. She very much wanted just a family day, so we went to the cinema to see 'Cars' which was very entertaining and then out for a meal after. She's a funny sausage really, most '16' yr olds would not think a birthday with family any fun at all but Tori loved it. I do worry about how few friends she has but her phsychiatrist said not too, some people just don't need friends???????