Saturday, January 27, 2007

K's Room. Chickens & Christmas!!!!!

Kathryn didn't want to post any pics of her room till she had gone, so it looked all nice and tidy. So here is the finished room......

I prefer her chair in the corner, I like the impact of her Zebra collection together

so we compromise, when she is not here its in the corner, when she is its under the window!! Anyway I think you'll agree that its a big change from Orange and Lime Green and hasn't she done a great job!!!!

I had to unwrap one of the bananas last weekend as the straw had become very soggy and with the cold snap of weather that we were expecting I didn't want to lose it. So Hubby unwrapped it and popped all the straw into an empty compost bin! Then I read Scarecrows Chook mulch and I thought what a great idea so the chickens had a treat today, after I had cleaned them out I popped all the straw in the run.....

aren't they having fun! It seems to be ages since I have heard them 'chortling' around the run! I must admit I have been really worried about them this last month, but we seemed to have turned a corner!!

Now I know we have only just got over Christmas 2006. I enjoyed all the crafting I did for presents, but I would like to get more organised! Try out new things, so imagine my joy when I visited Vallen and she had a link to Christmas in Progress. So folks if you want to get inspiration, get organised for Christmas 2007 then take a look and sign up!!!

I may have a go at an ATC card this afternoon! Then again I may not!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Please Curtsey as you enter!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Imperial Majesty Libby the Eerie of Lower Wombleshire
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I always knew I was royalty!!!

Well after the mad phonecall I had this afternoon from a certain lady (Mrs N) who was out impersonating the press and trying to get a free meal out of it! I have decided, that when hubby retires we are moving to Yorkshire!!! Why well,
1 they get snow
2 Its nearer the sea than I am now
3 We could probably afford to buy a house there
4 I have a nutty cyber friend who seems to have lots of fun and trys to include me even though I must live 400+ miles away!!!

Now I have to tell hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Onions, Potatoes and Chickens!!

Had a very early start today... couldn't sleep!!!!!!!
Anyway had to take Mark into work as the other car is in the garage and it was too icy to use the bike!!! So zapped back and then took Tori to school, then Kathryn and I went to Devizes Market (who forgot the camera!!!!) and did some food shopping for her to take back to Uni on Saturday!!!
Kathryn is busy finishing off her room, although we may have to wait unitl she has gone back to Uni for a photo!! She has helped me in alot of my decoraing jobs but this is her first 'go it alone' room!! I must admit she has done a really good job! I'm very proud of her!
So I went down the garden and into the greenhouse to start my onions and potatoes off. Just like Lottie has done here!!! I thought this was a very good idea, but couldn't think of a frost free place I could use!!!! I think I must have had a senior moment because of course I keep the greenhouse frost free because of the tropical plants!!!! Although there is not a huge amount of room, so the onions are in 2 small trays

and the potatoes are on the green thingy...

I should have already put the garlic in, so am a bit late but what I could do is pop them into some pots just so they get some cold weather, I also need to plant some sweetpea's!

It is a glorious sunny day today, I must admit, apart from the pain in my 'bum' I'm feeling quite perky!

The chickens have become more lively, which I am relieved about and at long last they are starting to eat again! For ages we have only had 2 eggs a week but thta is also slowly increasing! But look at poor Bunty doesn't she look really scrawny!!

what I want to know is why on earth do they moult in the middle of winter? You would imagine this is the time they need their feathers!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our day out!

This is the website for The Mall @ Cribbs Causeway.
We arrived at 09.10 to find it did not open umtil 10.00. But we managed to get in and find a coffee shop open!!!
Wednesday is a great day to go just look how quiet it was....

just look how empty the escalator is here

Anyway kathryn got quite a few bargains, but sadly did not get her phone fixed as they did not have the part!!! We had a great time trolling in and out of shops. Then of we went to Hobbycraft, which was not a pleasant experience as someone had turned the heating on super hot, but we still managed to buy one or two things!!!!

The painting in K's bedroom is finished, we have just got to put it all back together and once we have done that I will post a pic!! In the meantime what do you think you can you make from all this lot...

there is 2 reversible single duvet sets, bought for £7 each in the sale, some lining material and curtain tape which cost £6.

and after carefully unpicking both duvets I then made 2 curtains, one duvet cover (non reversible) and a cushion cover!! Not bad for £20!!!!! Wait till you see it all together!!!

I have at long last potted up my ginger and dates, wasn't I surprised when I found I had 3 dates that had sent up shoots, so they are now nicely tucked up in my brand new heated propagator!! This I think is where the fun begins, keeping them alive!!

OH! Crikey!!!

I've been tagged by Vallen! I have dreaded being tagged! But I suppose thinking up '6 weird things about me' may not be too difficult!!!

1. I hate buying new clothes, I am often given money and sent out to buy new clothes and still come back empty handed. Hubby got so annoyed one year he gave the money to my sister who took me out and bought me the clothes!! Even now I have lost all this weight, I am still wearing the same clothes and hitching them up as they fall down!!!

2. I get on really well with both my teenage daughters! So much so they tell me everything!! Yes I mean everything!!! Which can be scary at times!!

3. I love my sister, she is my best friend, and we are very close, phoning each other a number of times a week. If anything happened to her I don't know what I'd do!!! This is weird I don't know of many sisters that get on so well!!

4. I married a man that has A.D.D. Not knowingly! (Attention Deficit Disorder)

5. I was the first girl to be accepted to train to be A Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy, back in 1975! Sadly I never took up the position, I wasn't made of strong stuff in those days!!

6. If I wasn't human I would have been born a Butterfly! This is because I try out soooooooooooooooooo many things. Some of my past and present hobbies include, cake decorating, cross stitch, gardening, veggie growing, knitting, chicken keeping, crochet, card making, sewing, paper making, soap making, candle making, tatting, french knitting, chutney making, blogging, reading, family history, photography (new), decorating, driving, computing! This is one of the reasons I can't hold down a job! I get bored very quickly!

This is not that easy so who can I tag, I'm not sure I know 6 people!!!!!!

Apologies to everyone I tag:- Mrs N, Lottie, Ruth, Sheila, Baby sister and Scarecrow !

Nearly finished Kathryns room, we are off to Cribbs Causeway today so will post later about the finished room!!!! Have a great day! xxx

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is whats been going on!!

As you may or maynot know Kathryn very kindly came home to keep me under control after my op!! Although she has been out with her friends a few times, they are not as close as they used to be!!! So she has been here with me and I think is a liitle bit bored!!!!!
So she is now decorating her room, this is normally my job, but Kathryn is undergoing this more or less single handedly (I lie!!)

Yesterday she emptied her room, we went out and bought the paint, new curtain pole, lining for the curtains I will be making, lampshades etc, etc, etc! Then she started, I did edges or as they call it in the trade 'cutting in' and she did all the rollering!

Now her bedroom has not been done since she was 13!!! I did it as a surprise for her whilst she was away with the school and as you can see from the picture it was orange and............................. lime green.

This is work in progress....

I will post the finished room.

Tomorrow we are off to Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. Why, well Kathryn's new mobile went in to be repaired on the 29th December, she got it back Friday 12th January, it stopped working again on the next day!!!! So after a visit to the shop where she bought it we are off to Cribbs because they have a workshop on site and if they can't fix it they will give her a new one!!!!!! Hopefully whilst there we will also go to 'HobbyCraft' a very large Craft shop, I'm looking forward to that!! Thursday is Devizes market, we will get a chance to top up Kathryns depleted Uni supplies!! Then Friday is probably getting organised, packed and ready for her return to Uni on Saturday!!!
Right I'm off to make some curtains now!!! Back later!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


Haven't posted today! It has been really hectic and I am very tired now! So will try and post tomorrow!!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blogging Deprivation!!!

Its been hell!!! I have missed all your comments, reading all your blogs, catching up with whats, what and who's, who! I could live with out a TV but not with out my computer!!! Sad or what!!!

So look whats been going on in the garden.....

The hellebore's are out!

the snowdrops are getting there!

I must say that for those of you who have joined in the 'Great Pip Challenge' you haven't a hope of beating me!!! I am my Nanas, granddaughter. Give me something simple and it probably won't happen like satsuma seeds and avocados! But give me something nigh on impossible to grow or get started and what do I do.....

my ginger..... and

just look at my dates, there is two with roots, so today is the day for the pot up!!

I found this in Focus being sold off cheaply, because the boxes where so badly damaged. I have wanted one for ages but could not afford to buy it, so when a bargain is put before you what do you do?????????? Thats right, get out the credit card!!!!!!!!!

Great to be back, I will get round to visit everyone as soon as possible, but a bit busy today, its Markies birthday! So catch up with you all in the week!!!! TTFN