Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our day out!

This is the website for The Mall @ Cribbs Causeway.
We arrived at 09.10 to find it did not open umtil 10.00. But we managed to get in and find a coffee shop open!!!
Wednesday is a great day to go just look how quiet it was....

just look how empty the escalator is here

Anyway kathryn got quite a few bargains, but sadly did not get her phone fixed as they did not have the part!!! We had a great time trolling in and out of shops. Then of we went to Hobbycraft, which was not a pleasant experience as someone had turned the heating on super hot, but we still managed to buy one or two things!!!!

The painting in K's bedroom is finished, we have just got to put it all back together and once we have done that I will post a pic!! In the meantime what do you think you can you make from all this lot...

there is 2 reversible single duvet sets, bought for £7 each in the sale, some lining material and curtain tape which cost £6.

and after carefully unpicking both duvets I then made 2 curtains, one duvet cover (non reversible) and a cushion cover!! Not bad for £20!!!!! Wait till you see it all together!!!

I have at long last potted up my ginger and dates, wasn't I surprised when I found I had 3 dates that had sent up shoots, so they are now nicely tucked up in my brand new heated propagator!! This I think is where the fun begins, keeping them alive!!


Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh no, not the dreaded red X... try again later, I think the blog-techies have been twiddling the knobs again today, I have had trouble too!
Nice shopping trip in Bristol... I last went to Bristol when I was about 12!

RUTH said...

What bliss to shop when the place is so empty. You've really been industrious with you bargains!
Well done with the ginger and dates.
Sleep well I think you need a rest after such a busy few days.