Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OH! Crikey!!!

I've been tagged by Vallen! I have dreaded being tagged! But I suppose thinking up '6 weird things about me' may not be too difficult!!!

1. I hate buying new clothes, I am often given money and sent out to buy new clothes and still come back empty handed. Hubby got so annoyed one year he gave the money to my sister who took me out and bought me the clothes!! Even now I have lost all this weight, I am still wearing the same clothes and hitching them up as they fall down!!!

2. I get on really well with both my teenage daughters! So much so they tell me everything!! Yes I mean everything!!! Which can be scary at times!!

3. I love my sister, she is my best friend, and we are very close, phoning each other a number of times a week. If anything happened to her I don't know what I'd do!!! This is weird I don't know of many sisters that get on so well!!

4. I married a man that has A.D.D. Not knowingly! (Attention Deficit Disorder)

5. I was the first girl to be accepted to train to be A Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy, back in 1975! Sadly I never took up the position, I wasn't made of strong stuff in those days!!

6. If I wasn't human I would have been born a Butterfly! This is because I try out soooooooooooooooooo many things. Some of my past and present hobbies include, cake decorating, cross stitch, gardening, veggie growing, knitting, chicken keeping, crochet, card making, sewing, paper making, soap making, candle making, tatting, french knitting, chutney making, blogging, reading, family history, photography (new), decorating, driving, computing! This is one of the reasons I can't hold down a job! I get bored very quickly!

This is not that easy so who can I tag, I'm not sure I know 6 people!!!!!!

Apologies to everyone I tag:- Mrs N, Lottie, Ruth, Sheila, Baby sister and Scarecrow !

Nearly finished Kathryns room, we are off to Cribbs Causeway today so will post later about the finished room!!!! Have a great day! xxx


RUTH said...

If I'd only known I would've tagged you for "25 things". Will get you next time. lol

Allotment Lady said...

Lovely post Libby

Sorry if I sound a spoil sport but I don't do tagging. I have been asked so very many times to answer to many different ones - that I decided it best not to do any for offending all the others that keep and no doubt will ask me.

Loved readint yours and have no issues with tagging - its just that I would spend a days and day responding on my blog to tag requests

UKBob said...

I hope the shopping went well Libby.

Libbys Blog said...

In some ways I totally agree with you Lottie, I must admit I'm not sure I will do it again, its a bit like chain letters, I don't do them either!!!

Libbys Blog said...

In some ways I totally agree with you Lottie, I must admit I'm not sure I will do it again, its a bit like chain letters, I don't do them either!!!

Vallen Queen said...

But you did it so well. I'm sorry if it was painful for you but I for one was glad to get to know you better. Thank you for playing along

Sheila said...

Hi Libby,
Sorry I did not respond sooner.
I don't always check both of your blogs. I always check your photo one, and so until you commented on by *other* blog that I saw I was tagged !I have actually already done this one twice, it would be kind of redundant to do it again.
If you come up with one I haven't done I'll play along..!!

Naturegirl said...

I need to take YoU shopping I ~LoVe~ shopping for clothes for anything! I also
was tagged so I played wasn't so bad listing only 6 because there are wayyyy more weirdisms about me :)