Sunday, January 21, 2007

Blogging Deprivation!!!

Its been hell!!! I have missed all your comments, reading all your blogs, catching up with whats, what and who's, who! I could live with out a TV but not with out my computer!!! Sad or what!!!

So look whats been going on in the garden.....

The hellebore's are out!

the snowdrops are getting there!

I must say that for those of you who have joined in the 'Great Pip Challenge' you haven't a hope of beating me!!! I am my Nanas, granddaughter. Give me something simple and it probably won't happen like satsuma seeds and avocados! But give me something nigh on impossible to grow or get started and what do I do.....

my ginger..... and

just look at my dates, there is two with roots, so today is the day for the pot up!!

I found this in Focus being sold off cheaply, because the boxes where so badly damaged. I have wanted one for ages but could not afford to buy it, so when a bargain is put before you what do you do?????????? Thats right, get out the credit card!!!!!!!!!

Great to be back, I will get round to visit everyone as soon as possible, but a bit busy today, its Markies birthday! So catch up with you all in the week!!!! TTFN


Allotment Lady said...

Well done you - I gave up on my dates and threw them - too soon perhaps or maybe they needed heat

I have an avocado on the go - well my son has for me - in a nice warm place.

RUTH said...

I can see me lagging behind badly sign of anything!!! Think it is a problem with the heat.....shall keep on perservering though