Friday, December 15, 2006

Ho! Hum! Friday!!

I thought I would start todays post with a beautiful picture I took this week! Just to cheer us up. So warmest year hey!!! doesn't bare thinking about, its quite scary really to think that global warming could be the reason why!!! I feel sorry for all the animals! They don't have a telly with weather stations explaining what is happening, poor little hedgehogs are totally confused as are alot of the plants, trees and hedges!!!!!

Before I get on the band wagaon and start preachimg I think I will change the subject.

Here is someone, who, no matter what the weather is doing, can always make himself comfortable!!

This is him asleep on Kathryns pillow, which I have had to cover with an old towel. I'm not sure what will happen when Kathryn comes home??????? They may have to fight it out!!!!!

Anyway I have been exceptionally busy today...... I have washed two very muddy cars inside and out, I have hoovered all the downstairs including the porch (well it is nearly Christmas!)Filled the recycling box that is collected, done the ironing (definately ill!!)cooked some lunch, and after having a shower, I shall take the cardboard and plastic to the recycling place, get some petrol, collect Tori from school and then come back home and get on with a few making and doing things!!!

Although I am quite busy, I can't really write about it!!!! All very hush! hush!!

Leave a comment and let me know what your up to, please!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Toffee Failure!!!

I tried to make toffee today and failed miserably!!
I have never had this problem before and I blame Marks Mum (God rest her soul). Whilst I was preparing for the great event Mark recalled his mothers attempts at toffee making and how she failed on more than one occasion! To be honest she was not a good cook at all, according to her beloved son!
I have made varying types of toffee for many years, including when I was at catering college! I have NEVER failed, until now.
Why I still have no idea!!
So all ingredients into the pan

Boiled to the correct temperature using a sugar thermometer...

Poured into a greased tin..

You can see its not quite right here...

and definately not here, it is all sugary in the middle, which I do not understand

so mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, back to the drawing board I think!!!

Pair of Old Crocks!!!!!

I had my visit to the specialist on Monday, it was Marks turn yesterday, so having dropped Tori off at school we then shot through to Swindon did a bit of Christmas shopping, before going on to the Great Western Hospital!!!
Mark was injected with some nuclear substance and then had a lung scan! He is not allowed to hold a baby for 24hrs and I must admit I was quite disappointed that he didn't 'glow' in bed last night!!!!!!!!! This is all to do with his heart checks he had earlier, when they sent a camera through his arteries to check the heart valves etc. whilst he was going through this procedure, the specialist told him that he wasn't breathing right! Also our GP had initially sent him for Chest X-Ray when the problems first appeared, which had showed a shadow. So yesterday he had another Chest X-Ray before the lung scan and we find out the results by seeing the specialist on the 21st December! Lets hope it is all good news, especailly that close to Christmas!!!
Tori, went to another Sixth Form open evening at Hardenhuish School, Chippenham last night with Mark. I think she enjoyed it but her heart is still set on New College! Which is fortunate because Mark aked the question about 'support' and they where definately not forth coming unless we funded it ourselves!!!! This school from what I've heard picks the cream of the crop, which of course then gives it some fantastic results, which in turn gives it a fantastic reputation! I was very disappointed with this especially as Kathryn is getting so much positive support at Univesity!

Postings maybe a bit sporadic over the next few weeks, but I am still here and will do my best to keep the info on me and mine flowing!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday 11th!!

I did not sleep well last night, I woke up at 01.15am and didn't get back into bed until after 04.00am. I was worried about what the specialist would say today!!! As it turned out I was right to worry, I have to go back in for another op on Jan 12th!!! Lets hope it sorts out the problem this time!!!!

We went up Cherhill Downs yesterday, it was a lovely day but bitterley cold. I got some super photos...................
This is looking back down the track we had just walked up towards the A4!! believe it or not........

Now we are standing above the Cherhill White Horse looking again towards the A4 and the village of Cherhill

This is taken from the same place as above but I have zoomed in. If you look carefully you can just make out Cherhill School. This is where both the girls went and we where very fortunate that at the time Kathryn joined it was an up and coming primary school. Beyond the mound of sand is the town of Calne.

we now walked along the ridge towards Cherhill Monument

This is taken standing at the bottom of it and looking up!!!

The plaque reads:-
The Lansdowne Monument
Designed by Sir Charles Harry and built in 1865 by the Third Marque of Lansdowne in memory of his ancester Sir William Petty 1624- 1684 Physician and Surveyor. Repaired by the National Trust 1990 with funds raised by public appeal snd grants from the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commision.

This looks beyond the monument, in the distance you can see a clump of trees. This is Morgans Hill, supposedly named after the last man to be hanged there!!!!!

Now I have turned my back on the A4 and I am probably looking towards Westbury in the very far distance...

So I hope you enjoyed our walk. I hope to do quite a few over the festive period as I would like to lose another 1/2 stone before my operation in January.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Annivesary!! - Glitter Graphics -

21 years ago today Mark and I met!!!! This is a picture taken for our engagement, 8 months later!! How young we look!!! No grey hairs!!

We where just saying how quickly 21 yrs has passed!!! Just not anytime really!!!