Friday, April 27, 2007


I have been nominated by one of my newest blog friends Wildlife Gardener a 'Thinking Blog Award'.

To see what its all about click here!

Its funny I started blogging to basically keep a dairy of what went on in my household! I had no idea that it would interest other people! But I suppose there is some 'noseyness' in all of us and we can do that through blogs without prying!

So how do you choose five out of all the blogs you read?
I have no idea!
When you do choose, you then find they already have the 'Thinking Blogger' stamp! So ladies & gentlemen all I can say is click on any of the links on the right and you will find something special on each and every blog! They have all become very special friends, even though I have yet to meet them! If you read my blog and have not been nominated for a 'Thinking Blog' then please consider yourself nominated!

Now for something special! As most of you know Tori has had a rough last 18 months but has really turned herself around this last couple of months. She has worked so hard to catch up on all the coursework and with most of that behind her she is now studying hard. Its so nice to see her laughing and smiling again.
She has finished her practical piece of work for DT! and I saw a picture of it today for the first time, I am gob smacked, speechless (very unusual), well I will show you

she researched, designed and made this herself, its for hanging earings, bracelets rings and necklaces on! It is beautiful and I would be so love to have this on my dressing table!!

Gardening, not much been going on! The thing I'm trying to keep secret has caused an awful lot of headaches and taken up a tremendous amount of time but hopefully should be sorted soon. I will be back out in the garden tomorrow!!
Right off to get my hair done, I will get round everyone this weekend!
Have a nice day now!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flying Visit!

Is it only Tuesday??? It feels like Friday, I seem to be in a total spin at the moment, so much going on not enough time for gardening even!!!!! But I managed a quick hour this afternoon as I was having withdrawal symptons!!!

I recieved this in the post today...

its part of my 'soon to be jungle' a Colocasia Burgundy stem! It has the potential to reach 4 - 6 ft this year!!! Yee ha!! bye bye neighbours!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are all my Ebay buys recently, all potted up and coming along nicely...

I have potted on alot of my tomato plants and one or two others! I really need to get on and finish the edging of the beds at the bottom and the digging of the jungle beds! Everything in the veg patch is behaving at the mo, so only bits of weeding to do there!

So a few pics from around the garden..


My Bluebells, which I am terrified of splitting in case I lose them!!!!

My lone black tulip! I bought a net of 12 black tulips only one came up black the rest where white!!!! I never used to like them and only got them cos hubby went on & on! But I must admit I have been well impressed and will buy some more for next year as they last far longer than the daffs!

Can't remember the name of these, but they are lovely and they seed all over the place!

Solomans Seal which gets devestated every single year by caterpillars!!!

On the pond before disaster struck this afternoon!

Whilst I was out getting Tori from school we had a visitor and as I opened the back door on our return the 'Heron' took off from my neighbours pond. I knew instantly where it had been first and sure enough a large plant that had got over grown was squashed flat in the middle of the pond, the netting was all over the show, so out came the secatures chop, chop snip, snip tighten the netting back to where it should be and all I have seen is one fish!!! One fish out of 16!!

But looking on the positive side the heron has visited in previous years and the fish go really deep and you don't see them for weeks so providing the netting is up it should prevent any further visits and we hope only minor damage has been done.

Thats all for now, I will be driving up and down to Swindon tomorrow as hubby needs a car (its a suit day) and can't go on his bike and the Peugout is in for a service, it should have been in today but we had problems with the other car and that took its place today! The garage laugh at us (not nastily) they say we are the most unluckiest family when it comes to cars!! I think we are there best customers, they always give us a bottle of wine at christmas!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy 75th Mum!!

Today is my Mums 75th Birthday! I am all the way down here and she is all the way up there!:o( She shares her birthday with her brothers wife, who is also 75 today! Apparently they have sent one another identical cards this year!!!!! She is going to get allsorts hit the mat today, pressies, cards, balloons and flowers!

Well its raining at long last, not really heavy, more like steady light!!?? I hope it keeps up all day and fills the water butts again!
This week and next week are a bit hectic for me so posting and visiting blogs may be a bit irratic!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mother natures Yellow & Blue & Lacock!

Some views around the local countryside right now....

I just so love the intensity of the yellow of the oil seed rape! Heaven help you if you have hayfever though!!! When we had a dog he was a devil for running off through this and used to come back yellow, even though he was black!!!

For those people who remember Bluebell woods, these are just for you...

I think you must remember me telling you that Lacock is used for filming, well they commence filming monday and it looks alot different to the way it usually looks...

it has a jail..

a shoe shop and furniture repair shop...

theres also a universal store...

which is normally the Red Lion! To give you a comparison this is what it normally looks like..

I haven't found out yet what is being filmed but rest assured if I do find out you will be the first to know!!!