Friday, April 27, 2007


I have been nominated by one of my newest blog friends Wildlife Gardener a 'Thinking Blog Award'.

To see what its all about click here!

Its funny I started blogging to basically keep a dairy of what went on in my household! I had no idea that it would interest other people! But I suppose there is some 'noseyness' in all of us and we can do that through blogs without prying!

So how do you choose five out of all the blogs you read?
I have no idea!
When you do choose, you then find they already have the 'Thinking Blogger' stamp! So ladies & gentlemen all I can say is click on any of the links on the right and you will find something special on each and every blog! They have all become very special friends, even though I have yet to meet them! If you read my blog and have not been nominated for a 'Thinking Blog' then please consider yourself nominated!

Now for something special! As most of you know Tori has had a rough last 18 months but has really turned herself around this last couple of months. She has worked so hard to catch up on all the coursework and with most of that behind her she is now studying hard. Its so nice to see her laughing and smiling again.
She has finished her practical piece of work for DT! and I saw a picture of it today for the first time, I am gob smacked, speechless (very unusual), well I will show you

she researched, designed and made this herself, its for hanging earings, bracelets rings and necklaces on! It is beautiful and I would be so love to have this on my dressing table!!

Gardening, not much been going on! The thing I'm trying to keep secret has caused an awful lot of headaches and taken up a tremendous amount of time but hopefully should be sorted soon. I will be back out in the garden tomorrow!!
Right off to get my hair done, I will get round everyone this weekend!
Have a nice day now!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I suppose one of the nice things about reading blogs is that it puts you in touch with 'Real people' doing real 'day to day' things much like oneself and it makes you feel better that other people to are doing the normal day to day things unlike media celebrities who in this day and age we all hear far too much about.


RUTH said...

Congrats on the award. Tori has a real talent Libby. Her jewellry tree is really beautiful. Hope you hair do went well and PLEASE let us into your secret soon!!!

Sheila said...

Well done on the Award, and well done Tori. She is very creative.
I have a guess at what your secret is, but on the off chance I'm right I'll keep quiet until you announce it.
Is anyone else have trouble commenting on Lotties blog, it is asking me to sign in, I've never had that come up before..?

Kate said...

What a lovely blog you have here! I love the background since mauve is my favourite colour.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about your garden... and that is a useful and beautiful earring hanger!

Allotment Lady said...

All your secrets you so make me laugh - have a great weekend and congratulations