Sunday, April 29, 2007


I am exhausted! I haven't done much in the garden this last week because of the 'secret'!!!! It was really a surprise for Kathryn although it belongs to me! We have a new car, well we would if it worked!!! I have now told K because it has been so riidiculous you would never believe it!!
We are exceptionally unlucky with cars! Fortunately we have a wonderful garage only 40 mins walk away with 2 fabulous mechanics! If one car goes in for say a service, then without fail something will go wrong with the other car and vice versa!!! Out of all their customers, we return to the garage on the back of a breakdown wagon more in one year than all their customers added together!!
Anyway we had to buy a newer car, as Tori starts to drive in September and both our cars where far to big, engine wise! we had to get rid of the citroen 'stationwagon' (estate)which I loved, a brilliant motorway car, but a massive gas guzzler! So I eventually found this car, an X reg Peuguot 306, 1.4, only 31,000 miles on the clock! Brilliant! So took it to my garage, (bearing in mind we have taken a number to them over the last week or so) they checked it over and where quite excited that this was a brilliant car! So went back paid for it signed all the documantation and drove home!!!
Wait for it!!!!!!
1.5 miles from home it developed an electrical fault!!!! I limped to my garage! Who could not believe what they where seeing and their first words out of the mouths "I have never met anyone as unlucky with cars as you lot!" Now the guy who checked it over was feeling as guilty as anything, but to be fair, no one can see or predict an electrical problem!
Fortunately they had given us a 3 month warrenty. So phoned them up and they agreed for my garage to work on the problem and they would pay them! Now the only problem being this fault would only show after being driven 40+ miles! So thats what I have been doing, the garage have been going step by step through, trying to find the problem, and each time it has to be driven! They already have a full diary and each time I am being squeezed in! So they don't have the time to do the driving bit! It got to the stage where they had done everything they thought it was, so in agreement with where we purchased it, they got 'Auto Electrics' in! It now has to go to Peugout!
So we still don't have the car its at our garage, where it will be picked up on Tuesday to be taken to the Peugout garage by the people we purchased it from and then returned to my garage for them to check that these guys haven't done anything dodgy like, removing bulbs, so the fault doesn't show up!! I don't think they will, but we got this car for a very good price and with all the work thats been done so far there profit is 'zilch!'
So is it worth keeping, I hear you all say! Apparently, yes! Our mechanics say its a great car, the best we have had, if the electrical problem can be solved with supporting paper work from Peugout, then its definately worth keeping! I must admit this is the most we have ever spent on a car, it has ABS brakes, front and side airbags, power assisted stearing and of course nost important to teenage girls a CD player!!! I still await its arrival to our drive!!!!!!!

Yesterday I promised I would go out into the garden ....... I did and it looked lovely!!!!!! lol!!!!

I'm afraid we are a bit wasted! I know hubby has a motorbike but as you know he works for a building society, he is on a very high profile project and everytime he has to meet outside people he has to wear a suit! Suits and motorbikes don't go! So I have been driving him to work each morning which is 40+ miles there and back, then back again to take Tori to school(12+), then do all the driving on the other car, collect T from school(another 12+) then go back and collect hubby (40+ again)!!! So I think now, you might understand why I have blogged so little, and visited other blogs even less!

So just to end this and to prove I did go out and look round the garden yesterday a few pictures....

The peas are coming through...

No sign of the French beans though! Look what was buzzing around my greenhouse..

Its a hornet. This is the second year we have seen one down here so they must be nesting somewhere close by!

I will try getting out into the garden today, but I was not impressed with Big Bird, one of my chickens, 'Bedawking' at 06.15 this morning! Its her alarm call, so I shot out of bed and down the garden, to find her 'bedawking' away and everyone else happily scratchin around! Well at least I stopped her and hopefully it didn't wake any of the neighbours this Sunday morn!!


lilymarlene said...

Sometimes life can just be too much and you get run ragged by events you have no control over. I feel for you! Chin up!

A wildlife gardener said...

Hope it's good news with the new car!

Scarecrow said...

Oh Libby you have been frantic.
I hope you have a better week this week! :)

Sheila said...

Oh Libby, what a time you have had with this car. IO feel for you, as when we came back from holidays we had both of ours have to go in for major work, which came on 'all at once'...! No cars are just not an option for us, or we would happily get rid of at least one..!
And there was me thinking you were going to tell us you were an extra in the filming they are doing in the village..!!
Hope every thing is soon fixed..Hugs

RUTH said...

Ruth and Talj here! After chuckling our way through your post (sorry!) what can we say! A disaster! We hope that all turns out ok and that this is the one and only problem your new little car will have!

We do think that maybe you should consider getting pushbikes and giving up on the whole owning a car thing though...sounds like it would be cheaper...and more reliable LOL

Hope you have managed to get out into the garden today, we have been out both yesterday and today as the weather has been really lovely! Sure when we get a moment we'll post some photos on one of our blogs!!

{{{HUGS}}} from sunny Suffolk x

Naturegirl said...

Car trouble can be stressfull so I am
glad that you found some time to calm down and take a stroll in the garden leaving all your cares at the garden gate! That's my rule..leave the stress and worries at the gate! Nice to be home and I also did my walk about and YES my garden is alive finally with Spring growth! HUgs NG

Annie said...

Libby, you have what I call "bad car-ma".

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I second the bad car-ma thingy! Hopefully the new car will be fully functional soon and you can do some happy motoring. Now I understand why you didn't have much time for anything else but driving everybody here, there and everywhere.