Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Posting on my Blog, Visitting Yours!

I am sorry that posting on my blog and visiting yours, has been very erratic. I am fine, just very busy, whilst eldest is home from Uni., I have taken the opportunity to enjoy her company and crack on with Christmas stuff!
I am still awaiting a date for my surgery and the longer I wait the closer Christmas gets! I am actually only just, feeling human again and able to tackle stuff with enthusiasum after my bout of flu! Now thats 2 weeks, unbelievable. I find this hard to get my head round as I eat healthier now than I ever have, yes I might carry a bit too much weight but am working on it!!

1. So trying to finish off and tidy up bits and pieces in the gardens and greenhouses so hubby has nothing to worry about.
2. Knitting for England, well Christmas actually!
3. Still have Christmas cake to make.
4. Most of the pressies I have to buy I will do so online.

Oh! the planning committee meets tonight and you can view the report the planning officer has made. We are happy with his recommendations, lets hope the committee follow them!!!

Right must dash, so much to do, so little time to do it!!!! lol!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dreaded Monday!

I usually hate Mondays, its the day after the weekend and everyone goes to work, college or whatever. Its normally gloomy but today its brilliant sunshine and look what came in the post.............

a parcel............................ from my blog friend Vallen and what a lovely surprise was in side.

full of lovely woolie felted goodies all in my favourite colour which match beautifully with my kitchen! A super teacosie for the important teapot in a tea drinking family, some coasters to save my lovely wooden table from hot cups of tea, and pot pan holders so I don't burn my handies when lifting my pots off the Rayburn.

But did you see the added detail

sleeping on the sofa of my ginger puss cat!
Thank you so much Vallen, these will be, I was going to say, treasured but thats not right they will be well used, and no doubt admired by many.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Did you remember?

To turn your clocks back? Remember 'Spring forward, Fall back'!! I did!!!

I have had a very enjoyable week with my daughters both home from 'uni' and college!
In between spending time with them I have been bubblewrapping the greenhouse which is looking good, it actually looks like a proper greenhouse! Quite professional I think!!

This is the big greenhouse, I expect most people think its quite empty, but this is my first year and I'm quite worried about packing the plants in, I'm not sure how infections/infestations will occur, thats of course 'IF' they occur, and how effective my heating will be.

in here I have amongst all my brugmansias, my variagated Brugmansia, it is the only one I have not cut back as it is in bud and I want to see what colour the flowers will be, fingers crossed.

I do currently have a problem already in here and its only October!!!!! Condensation, lots and lots of it all running down the inside of the bubble wrap? This puzzles me as I have never experienced this problem in my small greenhouse before and thats been up and running and full to the brim for the last 3 winters!!! I have my Ensete Maurelii in here which needs to have its trunk area kept dry becuase if it freezes it will die, which happened to one of my nanas last year! But the condensation keeps dripping on the leaves and rolling down to fill up the trunk again, so I really have to solve this somehow?

This is the small greenhouse..............

As you can see the Sanguinea is still flowering its little heart out

I have my various 'nanas' in here as I know how the heating works, I'm a bit concerned with one of the leaves and hope its not serious and just probably the cooler time of year, so will cut it off later today!

My baby 'Rex' looking good!

and these are my date palms, remember from the 'Great Pip Challenge'!

Outside my Tree Ferns are still coming along well

haven't been hit by any frosts ........................... yet!!!!

my bananas are still growing away sending up new leaves I still think it is too early to wrap them up but will start preparing during this week so I can wrap quickly, if necessary!

This is my 'plantation' at the top of the garden

and this is my lone one with tiny babies at the bottom.

and to finish for today, remember I dug up the caster oil plant on the patio to make way for the huge water butt? Well its survived after all the beating, digging and chopping that it got its come through

and its flowering too!!!!