Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last day of August 2006!

I have been a busy little bee today, Kathryn decided we should go blackberry picking so off we went with bags, camera and lots of humour. So I took some pictures

(Pic above) This is the view from the hill we walked up, my cottage is down there, honest !

(Above) This is the view if you walk east across a very large field and look in the opposite direction to the last pic. The stick on the hill on the horizon is Cherhill monument, which can be seen from the A4!

Look at all these Sloes there are loads this year, so plenty of Sloe Gin MMmmmmm!

The blackberries are rubbish this year so did not get as many as I would have liked.

I am making Blackberry and Sloe Gin Jelly. I haven't got a jelly bag so made my own! I will let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I found it at the bottom off my daughters bag buried in her bedroom. So I took a pic. My daughter sold her car today, because she is off to uni in 2 weeks and can't take it with her, she is very sad.

Missing digital camera?

I've been busy down the garden building the new chicken run, chopped down a few things and lobbed them into where the chucks are currently, they where so funny, mountaineering chickens, so dived inside to get the camera and its ............ gone.......... disappeared into thin air...... I have hunted high and low. The girls say I was definately the last person to use it mmmm I wonder????? I'm off to hunt some more!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

28th August 2006

I lit my Rayburn today, no I haven't gone totally bonkers, just the chimney sweep is coming tomorrow and it helps dry out the chimney.
Then went out into the garden where I am having to create a chicken run because the chucks are decimating the flower beds. At one stage it looked like we may have to move the greenhouse but whilst we sat down drinking tea in the afternoon, my wonderful hubby came up with a super dooper solution and saved the day, so major hedge trimming began.... this will be finished (hopefully) next weekend.

I have just seen a trailer for 'Who do you think you are?' on BBC. OOOOoooo I love that programme..... can't wait!!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just Starting

Just starting my first ever blog! Suppose its a diary of my life. There is me Libby 40 something, once I hit 40 I stopped counting and too be honest can never remember my exact age, I leave that to other people. Mark, wonderful hubby.

Kathryn, 18 and off to Uni September 16th, I am so excited for her... but dreading it.

Tori, 16 on the 9th September, she has Aspergers. Very bright, poor social skills, everything to her is black and white there are NO grey areas. Makes life fun.

3 cats, Chimarni (left), Tango (right) and Sassy (centre)

4 chickens, Bunty(below left), Babs, Bree and Big Bird

We live in Wiltshire, out in the sticks.