Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just Starting

Just starting my first ever blog! Suppose its a diary of my life. There is me Libby 40 something, once I hit 40 I stopped counting and too be honest can never remember my exact age, I leave that to other people. Mark, wonderful hubby.

Kathryn, 18 and off to Uni September 16th, I am so excited for her... but dreading it.

Tori, 16 on the 9th September, she has Aspergers. Very bright, poor social skills, everything to her is black and white there are NO grey areas. Makes life fun.

3 cats, Chimarni (left), Tango (right) and Sassy (centre)

4 chickens, Bunty(below left), Babs, Bree and Big Bird

We live in Wiltshire, out in the sticks.

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