Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Has five days passed since I last blogged???? I seem to have been so busy, yet I'm not quite sure what I've done?? We took T to visited Birmingham Uni and it was an exceptionally long day which we are all still recovering from. We have another Uni visit next week and one the week after too!

My garden is currently annoying me!!!!! Can you believe that! I seem to solve one problem and another occurs elsewhere! Which needs alot of thought and back breaking work to sort!!!! I don't mind weeding and double digging etc, but stuff that requires lifting slabs, digging out trees is now getting a bit beyond me! Which also annoys me to pieces!

So take alook across the patio

lots of growing going on here, I've moved all my Brugmansias up here so I can see the lovely flowera and benefit from the scent. Then turning round you can see how the patio has filled up

all mu indoor succulents are now outside enjoying the weather and growing like billy oh!!!
Through the arch to the veg part

the peas on the right are doing really well,behind them I have sweetcorn planted and they are underplanted with Gem Squash, I grew these for the first time last year for hubby. They where so delicious I have planted five plants this year so hopefully will be inundated with them! The climbing french beans on the right are coming along slowly, with courgettes and potatoes behind them.

Now we come to the part that is annoying me

my flower bed area in the veg patch! My neighbours hedge, which grows over continuously (well they do don't they)the top of there already enormous fence, but I have to cut my side all the time otherwise it makes all my plants lean and fall over, which is exactly what has happened, all the alliums are lying down, as did the poppies and now the lillies.

the tree in the middle of the bed with the yellow leaves is an Indian Bean tree, these are quite beautiful and the leaves are enormous so I think in the autumn I will move it so alittle bit more sun gets to this bed. The main reason I planted it here was that it needed shelter from the wind, which it has certainly got. So I think I will move it further up the bed towards the camera so it offers shelter to the seating area but the sun can get to the rest of the bed.
Further down the garden

then over to the pond

which since we fitted the new pond pump and filter and added some new fish is looking sensational!
In the greenhouse the tomatoes and cucumbers are growing well. I also have my first ever aubergine flower

I'm growing aubergines!!!
A beautiful pink

I can remember mum growing pinks, she always had them and lots of them too, this one reminds me of a clump of hers!!!

I hope you are all OK, I will try and get round to visit you this week, but to be honest, I'm not sure I can blog for a few weeks as our diary is so full. So I haven't popped my clogs, just taking a short break!!