Saturday, June 02, 2007

Back to Normal! (I hope!)

Gosh such alot has happened since my last post! Mum has returned home and I am exhausted, she is not the easiest woman to have in your home. Don't get me wrong I do love her, just find it hard to live with her. Unfortunately being a seafarers wife she has spent a considerable time alone, Dad died in 1982 so she has been living on her own since then, and has become exceptionally selfish, expects everything to be worked around her, we drop everything to do what she wants, when she wants to do it!! I used to have to battle against it when the girls where younger, but now I grit my teeth and go with the flow! When she and B got together(if you remember he was my godfather, so we have known him all our lives, this is the girls adopted 'Gramps')she improved slightly, but my goodness she can be very critical and cutting with her remarks!!! Hence no blogging!!!!

We moved Kathryn out of halls yesterday and she took mum home as she is doing work experience with her adopted 'Gramps', he's has his own estate agency, something Kathryn has always fancied doing! So her room is returning to normal!!!!

Tori went to the hairdressers for her practice 'put up'! She wanted a period look and I think the hairdresser did a great job

that is the necklace she will be wearing, (well there had to be black somewhere!)plus she has some opera length black gloves as well! Even after she brushed her hair it still was all wavy, she loved it, because she/we have never been able to get a curl to stay in her hair!!

So now I play catch up on the washing. We where supposed to be going to dismantle the 'bargain greenhouse' today but hubby has had to go into work. Fortunately the couple who own it are in no rush to have it taken away!! So hopefully next weekend! I have been buying off Ebay again, one or two or maybe even seven plants!!!!! But all at bargain prices of course!

Right I'm off out to play catch up in the garden, it may take a while to play catch up on your blogs but I will!

See you later!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just a Quickie!!!

I am here!! Mum is here to!! The weather does nothing but rain and we had a frost 2 nights ago!!!!

We have been out to quite a few garden centres and a couple of open gardens in the rain!

I have made quite a few presents, because I have to do something otherwise I would go stir crazy!

Today we are off to another open garden then a very nice coffee place and plant place after!

My husband has found an 8ft by 10ft greenhouse for just £50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which comes with staging, so guess what, this weekend after moving K out of Uni and returning mum to Cheshire we are going to dismantle it and bring it home. Then that bit of redesigning down the bottom of the garden will have to be dug up and re-designed again!!! Which I'm quite disappointed about because it was all just beginning to take off!
To be honest the greenhouse is probably a bit big, but they always say go for the biggest you can afford, well we won't look a gift horse in the mouth and no doubt we will fit it in somehow, somewhere! We where down the garden last night at about 9pm with the tape measure and at the moment we will be keeping the small one as well, as it has the electrics fitted. So I will have a heated one and a cool one! But thinking about it, the way my tropical plant collection is growing we may have to get electrics fitted into the big one!!!

May not be able to post now till the weekend, take care everyone! xxx