Saturday, July 12, 2008

Holiday Happenings!

Well life sort of takes over when all children and hubby are home. I'm (currently) enjoying the chaos!

We where supposed to have been on holiday, this wet and windy week, having upgraded hoping to have something decent to sit on and sleep the caravan and site was lovely

but nothing decent to sit on or sleep in. The day we arrived was glorious

After the first night I was up at 0430, eldest 0500 and youngest who can sleep for england 0750!! We took a vote and came home. I was crippled.


on Friday whilst out for a walk hubby was rushed (blue lights and sirens) to hospital! It was quite traumatic as we had walked about 1.5 miles and he said he had to sit down, I said do you want me to go get the car, yes he did. So eldest and I power walked our way home leaving youngest with him. 400yds from home we heard sirens I flipped but K said T would have phoned, neither of us had recieved calls. So got to the car, drove back round and they where gone, a gentleman was waiting to say they had gone to Great Western. K phoned T and said we had got the message when she got off the phone she said they had the sirens going, so we knew it wasn't good. I broke every speed limit by double and arrived minutes after the ambulance, as they where from Bristol and had taken a MAJOR detour as they didn't know the direct route to hosp
Anyway when we arrived he was in major pain and they looked after him very well. T collapsed in my arms sobbing her heart out (she has learning difficulties and considering what she had been through coped remarkably well)/.
Anyway after the morphine everything calmed down, they kept him in overnight and he was discharge yesterday, they don't know whats wrong with him but has to go back for all sorts of scans etc, etc
Since his 50 birthday, he has been to hospital every year without fail for something, once he gets the morphine he's fine is this telling me something??

The advantage to being at home apart, from the above, was I got to see this

The chooks are on there holidays, in a neighbours huge garden, and he's happy for them to be there for a couple of weeks which rests my plot!
I will post more this week and hopefully get back up to speed again!!