Thursday, November 22, 2007

Time to Blog!

Have actually been doing a little bit and actually felt like blogging today.

So even though I haven't been well I have still been knitting, sewing and otherthings. So what do you do with pompoms?

You make them into decorations, a snowman and a robin!

aren't they cute!

The linen , thread and sequins are being turned into Christmas cards....

the only problem is I have run out of linen so until I feel up to driving that far they are on hold!!!!

I started yesterday going out for a little walk, up to the phonebox and back, takes me about 20 mins. By the time I got back my chest was killing me, but its not this morning, so will go for a walk again in a mo, if my chest is bad again when I get back I will dispatch myself to the Docs!

Back in a day or two!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Back from the Brink!

Having come through the op OK. I was then hit again by the dreaded 'flu virus'!!! It really floored me. I can't believe how bad I've been, anyway just have to be a good girl for awhile and get really better.
Back as soon as I can.