Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Away!

I had a lovely weekend! If ever you get the chance to visit the Exotic Garden then do go! Sorry Lottie I didn't visit, but what was due to be a long weekend turned into a short weekend so couldn't really fit everyone in!
Anyway here are some pics

Mark bought me his book 'The Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants For Temperate Gardens Climates’ published by ‘Timber Press’ which Will very kindly signed for me!

He is also a cat lover

A Devon Rex, quite a bizarre looking cat.

His Siamese, apparently quite old.

A moggie who took a shine to my hubby!

but my favourite was this Havana, what a beautiful cat and such a lovely temperament!

So after a lovely time here we went to the seaside,

well a couple actually,



then ate fish & chips out of the paper watching the sun set!